1 day in Buenos Aires: What to do?

1 day in Buenos Aires: What to do?

Charming streets, good food, pleasant climate and a charming culture… No wonder good air is one of the most sought after destinations by Brazilians. Besides the advantage of not needing a visa, the country is close to us.
And if you have a short time and want to spend just one day in the city, you can rest assured! You can see a lot of interesting place and try delicious dishes, like the ones we are going to recommend now ?


The Athenaeum

1 day in Buenos Aires: What to do?
El Ateneo is that kind of place that leaves you ecstatic with the grandeur and grandeur of space and details. Although it functions as a bookstore today, the place was once a theater and even a cinema – where Argentines first saw a spoken film.
For anyone who is passionate about books, this place cannot be left out of the script. It is even inspiring to be surrounded by so many stories and in such a historic place.

Parque Três de Fevereiro

1 day in Buenos Aires: What to do?

Photo: @palermeando

To start the day with a walk, nothing better than the Parque Tres de Febrero. Although it opens at 8:00 am, the ideal time to visit the space is from 9:00 am. Take the opportunity to walk the entire length of the park and then visit the Carlos Thays Botanical Garden and Jardín Japonés.
If you are not a morning person, just take this tour in the afternoon. It is worthwhile to prepare a very tasty picnic, enjoy the park and observe the movement of people there.

La Boca neighborhood

1 day in Buenos Aires: What to do?

Photo: @renansc

It should be forbidden to go to Buenos Aires and return without having met La Boca! This is one of the most traditional neighborhoods in the city – and also one of the most photographed. The region is known for its colorful houses, as well as delicious bars and cafes.
Just put it on Google “The little way”That you find the place quickly. Depending on the time and day, there are some tango shows. Hope you get to see one, because it’s amazing!

Kirchner Cultural Center

1 day in Buenos Aires: What to do?

Photo: @__spph

Buenos Aires is a city very linked to art, and the Kirchner Cultural Center it is one of those spaces. There are more than 100 thousand square meters with a lot of history, culture, art and innovation for everyone to explore. To find out what’s going to be there at the time of your trip, just take a look at programming available on the website.



1 day in Buenos Aires: What to do?

Photo: Disclosure

Hierbabuena was one of the restaurants that I loved to visit. In addition to being super cozy, the food is well seasoned and full of flavor. One of the most interesting facts about the place is the use of natural products and bold and delicious combinations of ingredients. If you decide to visit the restaurant, be sure to also try the bread and sweets from their store ?

La Cabrera Parrilla Palermo

1 day in Buenos Aires: What to do?

Photo: Disclosure

Buenos Aires is a paradise for meat eaters! It is no wonder that Argentine parrilla is one of the best known dishes in the country and the most popular among tourists. To have a good experience tasting Argentine “barbecue”, I recommend the restaurant La Cabrera Parrilla Palermo.
Paulo loved meats and I loved wines and garnishes. Even if it costs a little more, it is super worth it! And if you don’t eat meat like me, how about a vegan grill?
If you want to know more about the city and discover other tour options, just take a look at our special category of
good air!

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