1 dress, 5 looks

1 dress, 5 looks

Nothing like buying a versatile piece, is it? I’m passionate about dress, but I confess that I can’t think of many ways to wear it – especially in winter. I know that a lot of people also have this same doubt and for that reason I decided to choose a printed model to show what is possible to do with a single dress ?

There are several options for overlays, I loved it! I chose a black and white model because it is easier to match what you have in the closet, but nothing prevents you from daring with colorful jackets and accessories. The straight cut, with closed collar and sleeveless is the most versatile I’ve found – you can wear it with nothing in the summer and with several layers of clothes in the cold.
To make your choice even easier, I found five perfect complements for all the suggested productions!

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