10 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

10 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

Weddings are always beautiful and charming. However, we have to agree that this is a time when couples spend a lot of money, right? For this reason, many people end up preferring to travel to a more accessible place during their honeymoon. Depending on your budget, it is even valid to save the money for the tours and leave the big party aside.
In any case, the task of finding incredible and relatively cheap destinations seems like an impossible task. But, there are wonderful places that are not that expensive! So, if you are looking for the perfect place to spend your honeymoon, just write down the tips that I will give now ?

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10 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations
A destination close to Brazil and with a passionate atmosphere! Buenos Aires has the power to delight anyone who visits the city. Paulo and I went there in 2018 and we love every place we visit. For those who know how to ride a bike, I recommend that they stroll in the morning through the charming streets.
If you are interested in knowing what our itinerary was, just click here. We also made several posts with tips and suggestions related to the city. So, you can better choose both tours and places to eat and have coffee!

Mauritius Islands

10 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

Photo: Xavier Coiffic

The couple who likes heavenly places need not think long before choosing Mauritius as a stopover point for their honeymoon. The waters of the sea are usually calm and the beaches are not so crowded. In addition, you can take a trip to South Africa, which is close to the islands.
The sea water is turquoise blue and even looks like a movie set, you know? The corals and mountains around the region make everything even more beautiful. Taking all of this into account, you can be sure that this is one of the most amazing destinations for newlyweds.


10 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

Photo: @axshxr

I couldn’t stop talking about a national destination, right? Those who do not want to leave Brazil can enjoy the natural beauty of Jericoacoara! The beaches are fascinating and some are even among the most beautiful in Brazil, attracting tourists even from another country.
For those who want peace and simplicity, this is the ideal place. Oh, and if you are like me who love to try new things and get to know the local cuisine, make the most of your time there! The cuisine of Ceará is super rich in flavors, with very authentic dishes and based on seafood.

Atacama Desert

10 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

Photo: Raphael Nogueira

If the newlyweds like desert landscapes and surprisingly beautiful, it is worth considering going to the Atacama Desert. Vale da Lua is one of the most popular tours in the region and is certainly one of the most surreal sceneries you will ever see. It’s like you’re on another planet!
Another attraction of this destination is the super starry sky and the warm waters of Puritama Spa. The couple can enjoy a warm natural pool, surrounded by mountains and rocks.


10 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

Photo: Justin Kauffman

Another place for those who love the beach! Philippines is not always a country that Brazilians tend to think of when it comes to honeymoon, but this could be the destination you were looking for.
The ticket ends up being a little more expensive, but the tours and costs there are very affordable. To make your trip unforgettable and super romantic, I recommend that you book a boat for the couple. Then, just enjoy the inviting crystal waters and explore the region.

Saint Andrew

10 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

Photo: @mariocarvajal via Esta Es Tu Colombia

How about visiting an island bathed by the Caribbean Sea? This is the case of San Andrés, which has a wonderful sea, with various shades of blue and other greenish details. It even looks like a painting, because it is a very unique mixture of colors.
West View is a must for anyone who wants to go diving. Another option is to go to the small island of Rock Cay, perfect for snorkeling. As for gastronomy, expect a lot of dishes with lobster, fish and shrimp.


10 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

Photo: The Rebel Chick

Curaçao is still a destination little known by Brazilians. What few people know is that the place is paradise and can be visited without many problems throughout the year. The beaches are heavenly and if you spend a little more money, you can stay at an incredible resort.
High season is usually between November and March, so avoid this season if you want the most empty place. Now a gold tip: rent a car to get the most out of the island!


10 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

Photo: Terra

Many people go to Mexico in order to visit Cancun, but another destination that also deserves attention there is Tulum. You must have seen at least one photo of the iconic pools in this region, which are inside caves. These are one of the main attractions of the place, called cenotes.
An important tip in relation to this place is to take cash in paper money. Most places do not accept cards, so go prepared. Oh, and the local currency is the Mexican pesos ?


10 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

Photo: @ovunno

If the bride and groom want to escape from beaches, a good option is Ushuaia. To enjoy the honeymoon in the cold, this is one of the cheapest and romantic alternatives. The climate is mild throughout the year and gets even colder in the winter.
And be very careful when deciding on your accommodation. Choose a good hotel that has outdoor bathtubs and warm water. For adventurous couples it is worth risking some winter sport!


10 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

Photo: Scott Taylor

Last but not least, Thailand. The destination is fascinating and, although the tickets are expensive, it is worth saving to go to the place. For everything to go well and without problems due to the weather, I recommend that you book the trip between the months of November and April, considered the driest.
Everything there deserves to be seen, from the best known beach to the hidden streets of the region you choose to stay. For this reason, plan everything very well and make a script that contemplates the various types of tours of the place!
What did you think of the suggestions? If you know other amazing destinations for newlyweds, comment here ?

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