10 amazing hotels around the world
10 amazing hotels around the world

10 amazing hotels around the world

As you may have noticed, Paulo and I love to stay in more welcoming and different places on our trips! Most of the time, we stay in boutique hotels because, in addition to the convenience of being in a hotel with good infrastructure, this type of place offers some differentiated services: typical foods, regional cosmetics, incredible décor, among other things.

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Of course, there is always the option of renting an apartment or a house in the city. We have done this ourselves a few times and we love the experiences in New York, Austin, Paris … For those who want to know more, I already talked about it in this post here.

However, many people prefer the security and convenience of staying in a good hotel. If you are like us and love unusual places and full of charm, this post will inspire you! We selected the 10 coolest hotels we stayed in the world – until today, of course ?

Lloyde Hotel & Cultural Embassy – Amsterdam (NED)


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Lloyde had to open that list because, in addition to the rooms being simply sensational and the common areas exceeding all of our expectations, his proposal is very incredible. At the time of the trip I even wrote a more detailed post about the hotel (read here), but to sum up it is a superdemocratic hotel, with rooms ranging from 1 to 5 stars!
In addition, the restaurant is wonderful and the place also functions as a Cultural Embassy, ​​so there are always cool exhibitions there.

Sant Francesc Hotel Singular – Palma de Mallorca (ESP)


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Anyone who has watched Mallorca’s vlogs surely realized that our favorite hotel was Sant Francesc, where we spent our first night. Everything is amazing, but the outdoor area with the pool is charming. The place is very cozy and cozy, everything is thought out in the smallest details, you know?

The Old Castillon – Castillon-du-Gard (FR)


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Now I’m going to start talking about the south of France, because I’ve never seen a region with so many wonderful hotels! I have to start this French selection with Le Vieux, which is the greatest charm! As I told in this post, even the hotel street is beautiful! The room is very cozy, the restaurant is delicious and the pool is breathtaking!

Nord Pinus – Arles (FR)


Photo – @notanissue

This hotel has so much, but so much history that it’s hard not to fall in love. Each room at Nord Pinus has a different decoration and has a natural hipster touch. The mix of retro elements and furniture from the time it was built (19th century) is incredible! For those who want to know more, just click here and check the post.

Le Mas De La Fouque – Saintes Maries de la Mer (FR)


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Do you like nature? Le Mas De La Fouque is for you! Despite being surrounded by trees, animals and an incredible lake, the hotel is mega comfortable and perfect for resting. The place has everything from spa to foosball tables, that is, the common area is incredible (full post)!

Petit Hermitage – Los Angeles (USA)


Photo – Disclosure

Old Hollywood, boho, chic… There are so many adjectives to describe the Petit Ermitage! The hotel is a find in LA and will delight anyone. The outside area and the library are the most beautiful and surprising points of the place, see? Despite our little problem at the late check out (I’ll tell you more here), the stay was really worth it!

Mendeli Street Hotel – Tel Aviv (ISR)

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Photo – Paulo Cuenca (@nocedanielle)

We love this charming and supermodern hotel in Tel Aviv. Mendeli was built in the 1960s, but the decor is very contemporary. The common areas are incredible !! I also made a more complete post about the place at the time of the trip ?

Clubhouse – Rio de Janeiro (BR)


Photo – @notanissue

Of course, I couldn’t leave a Brazilian hotel out! The Clubhouse, in Rio, is too charming! Once again, the difference is in the details. I love flowers or plants in the room and whoever saw the vlog of the trip, saw how much I loved it and felt welcomed in this mega cozy room <3

Living room – Berlin (ALE)


Photo – Condé Nast Traveler

In Berlin, our choice was Das Stue. This is one of the most highly recommended hotels in the city and it is just beautiful! In addition to the incredible decor, the rooms overlooking the park are delicious and quiet. The location is great and everything is modern, you know? On the vlog you can see a little more than I am talking about ?

Ace Hotel – Seattle (USA)


Photo – Disclosure

Last but not least, we have Ace in Seattle! There are options for rooms with private or shared bathrooms. Regardless of your choice, the decor is beautiful and very minimalist. The location and common areas are the hotel’s strengths (full post).


Did you like the tips? I can’t wait to go back to one of those charming corners around the world and meet many others <3

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