10 Art Galleries you need to know in Berlin

10 Art Galleries you need to know in Berlin

Paulo and I love to know more about the culture of the countries we know and also to learn a little about the relationship between art and the place. Berlin, for example, is an extremely important city historically and it also houses incredible art galleries, with talented and innovative artists.
In addition to the city’s museums, such as the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum of Contemporary Art, Berlin has art spread all over the place and in very significant places. I made a selection of 10 galleries that need to be visited even more, both because of the importance of each one of them and also for us to give more value to artists and their forms of expression ?

Boros Collection

10 Art Galleries you need to know in Berlin

Photo: Double Berlin

I already start the list with one of the most interesting places in the city. The Sammlung Boros gallery is located in an old bunker, built at the time of the Second World War, so you must already imagine the importance of this place for the city. For those unfamiliar with the term, a bunker is an underground bomb shelter.
The atmosphere is rustic and the gallery’s focus is on contemporary art. For that reason, you will find very different things there. In addition to the exhibitions, it is interesting to visit this place to see what conditions people experienced during World War II. Visits are made in groups of a maximum of 12 people and only from Thursday to Sunday!
Address: Reinhardtstrasse 20

East Side Gallery

10 Art Galleries you need to know in Berlin

Photo: Road Affair

Another very striking place in Berlin is the East Side Gallery. This is one of the few parts of the Berlin Wall that remains erected, housing an open-air gallery of various graffiti. It is full of murals known worldwide. One is the graffiti of the kiss between Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker – the Soviet leader and the German communist president.
The murals are incredible and this part of the city is very touristy, but unfortunately the wall is not as well maintained as it should be. Several parts were painted and many tourists have the habit of writing on the wall. In other words, they contribute even more to the degradation of the paintings made by the artists. Despite this, it is a very interesting tour and is also a great place to take cool pictures.
Address: Mühlenstrasse 3-100

Kunst-Werke Institute of Contemporary Art

10 Art Galleries you need to know in Berlin

Photo: Disclosure

KW, as most people call it, is an innovative gallery that is also used as a space for creation by artists. The building used to be an old margarine factory and was transformed to house very varied artistic projects.
The exhibitions are constantly changing, and lectures, presentations and film screenings are also held there. The gallery gives plenty of space for young artists who have different and creative projects, so you will always find something curious and intriguing.
Address: Auguststrasse 69

Berlinische Galerie

10 Art Galleries you need to know in Berlin

Photo: Happening Media

One of the favorite galleries among the city’s artists, Berlinische has a very clean and bright environment. It houses works by different artistic movements, among them expressionism. It is important to have a gallery with expressionist works, mainly because one of the main objectives of this avant-garde was to denounce the chaos of society in times of war.
The permanent collection is full of paintings that are part of Berlin’s history. However, they also have exhibitions by new local artists and the facilities change regularly. I find this mix between the new and the old incredible, so be sure to visit Berlinische!
Address: Old Jakobstrasse 124-128

Galerie Capitain Petzel

10 Art Galleries you need to know in Berlin

Photo: Contemporary Art Daily

The Capitain Petzel gallery is relatively recent, because it was created in 2008. The space where the works are located is already significant, since it is a modernist building with a 1,300 square meter square format. The building itself is a great reason to visit the place!
The gallery’s owners, Gisela Capitain and Friedrich Petzel, aim to exhibit works of all styles, be they paintings, objects, panels and also architecture. The exhibitions include both local and international artists, so it is quite diverse and most of the works are of contemporary art.
Address: Karl-Marx-Allee 45

Carlier Gebauer Gallery

10 Art Galleries you need to know in Berlin

Photo: Artimissa

Carlier Gebauer is extremely important in the Berlin art scene because it is an independent gallery and has existed since 1991. In addition, the exhibitions always have important and significant names.
Like Berlinische, they mix works by established artists with emerging artists, mixing different generations. The exhibition space is divided into three large white rooms, like huge squares. They usually exhibit different exhibitions and they also have a screening room. Everything there is very modern and special!
Address: Markgrafenstrasse 67

Camera work

10 Art Galleries you need to know in Berlin

Photo: Whin Online Magazine

In addition to the incredible contemporary art galleries, with different paintings and sculptures, Berlin also has galleries that focus on photography. Camera Work is one of those places and is wonderful, especially if you are interested in photography, both current and older. The building is also beautiful and is located in a very pleasant region. The photos are beautiful and among the exposed photographers are Nick Brandt and Brian Duffy.
Address: Kantstraße 149

i collectors room

10 Art Galleries you need to know in Berlin

Photo: Arrested Motion

The me Collectors Room gallery has a fixed collection made up of works from Thomas Olbricht’s personal collection. He is an art collector, also an endocrinologist! Very eclectic, right? The works in the collection and exhibitions are very varied and from different eras. One of the parts of the permanent collection has more than 300 objects from the Renaissance and the Baroque.
I find this style of exhibition super cool and even fun, because we can compare several things with our current society. Thus, we have a better idea of ​​how our ancestors lived and what was part of their daily lives. Ah, most of the works exhibited at temporary events are contemporary!
Address: Auguststrasse 68

Contemporary Fine Arts

10 Art Galleries you need to know in Berlin

Photo: Art Map

Contemporary Fine Arts exhibitions are very innovative and most artists are international, such as Jonathan Meese and Georg Baselitz. The themes and artists change constantly and the exhibitions have works with very different and varied views. The facilities are also beautiful and it is a great space for those who like to appreciate any type of art ?
Address: Grolmanstrasse 32/33

Johann King

10 Art Galleries you need to know in Berlin

Photo: Roman March

One of the most interesting things about Johann König is the diversity within a single exhibition. They present not only paintings and sculptures, but also videos, photographs, prints, sounds and performances. This variety of media makes everything more interesting and interactive, going out of the ordinary and gaining more attention from visitors.
Not everyone likes to go to a place just to watch, so this type of gallery covers a larger audience. König, owner of the place, says that he always tries to change the style of the exhibitions and not to be stuck in a single “school”, guaranteeing even more this diversity of the artistic world within a single space.
Address: Alexandrinenstrasse 118
As you can see, there are many incredible art-related places to visit in Berlin. In addition to the galleries I mentioned, there are many others – not to mention museums! Our trip there was super remarkable and I loved being able to visit some of these places. If you want to watch our vlogs just click here ?

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