10 brands for those who want a lot of ecological shine at Carnival!
10 brands for those who want a lot of ecological

10 brands for those who want a lot of ecological shine at Carnival!

Carnival is already there and nothing more fair than making a production full of brightness to enjoy the parties and blocks. As I had already commented in this post, many people know the harm of glitter in the environment, right? The microplastic particles end up in the oceans and, consequently, intoxicate several marine animals.
As I know that nobody wants this, nothing more fair than sharing brands and stores that offer biodegradable options that are great substitutes for glitter ? I made a selection with 10 stores, but feel free to give even more tips in the comments!


Photo: @purabioglitter

Made from algae and minerals, the purpurinas of the Rio de Janeiro brand PURA are surreal! I swear, each pot has a unique and super vibrant tone that shouldn’t be at all for traditional glitters. In fact, the larger particles give an even more incredible effect on the make.
Where to buy? Without website: purabioglitter.com.br


Photo: @luabrancaaromas

Lua Branca is a brand of vegan and handmade cosmetics and for that reason alone it deserves our respect. For this year, they created 6 shades of glitter: gold, pearl, blue, green, pink and burgundy. In addition, they also developed gel sparkles that leave that very bold glow that lasts longer on the skin ?
Where to buy? At Elo7’s store: elo7.com.br/luabrancaaromas/


Photo: @_brilhow_

The brand created by two marine biologists could not be more incredible! On the brand’s instagram you can find dozens of shades, from the most neutral (brown and beige) to the super vibrant ones like mermaid green and pink.
Where to buy? No on instagram @_brilhow_ or by email: [email protected]


Photo: @vivapurpurina

The color palette is Viva Purpurina’s great differentiator. The brand is from Porto Alegre and whoever is from there can even arrange an address to remove the glitters as soon as possible. The model that mixes pastel tones, very unicorn style, is wonderful!
Where to buy? On instagram @vivapurpurina or by phone (51) 99656-8658


Photo: Disclosure

This is a Rio brand that everyone needs to know. Shock has several options for vegan and hypoallergenic sunscreens. The best? The products are ultra-colored, water resistant and biodegradable! In addition to the neon tones, at Carnival you can play in the metallic ones.
Where to buy? No website: valeushock.com.br


Photo: @ glitra.bio

Unlike products based on seaweed, in GILTRA the raw material is different! Plants, such as cellulose and eucalyptus, are mixed with jojoba oil and vitamin D. Well, besides the intense shine and durability of this paste, the products even moisturize the skin!
Where to buy? On instagram @ glitra.bio or by email: [email protected]


Photo: Disclosure

In addition to wonderful soaps, bath salts, solid shampoo and various natural products, Lá do Mato started to bet on glitters! The colors are very intense and there you can also buy a thicker hydrant that serves as a basis for gluing the glitter particles ?
Where to buy? Without website: Ladomato.com.br


Photo: @ glitter.eco

The brand was born at the beginning of the year and is also from Porto Alegre. Although not well known, the tones of marsala and copper produced there are incredible!
Where to buy? On instagram @ glitter.eco or facebook.com/glitter.eco


Photo: Disclosure via Hypeness

For the more discreet, the LUSH Shimmy Shimmy bar is an excellent option to give that wonderful glow to the body. I’m suspicious because I really like their brand and their proposal! As the product is not so shiny, I’m sure you will use it a lot until the end of the summer.
Where to buy? No website: br.lush.com


Photo: Disclosure

Last, but not least, I left to talk about the glitter powder metallic powder. For those who live in São Paulo, this can be a great alternative as they deliver the product by hand at the Alto de Ipiranga station. There on the site you can also find 4 options of very shiny sprays: bronze, gold, silver and iridescent color.
Where to buy? No website: glitterglitter.co
Now you really have no excuse, right? Thankfully, in recent years, brands have appeared that offer us so many options to shine without guilt!

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