10 B&W bathrooms to get inspired!

10 B&W bathrooms to get inspired!

I confess that I have a strong fondness for different bathrooms and toilets. I don’t know where my passion for the room comes from, but I really love unusual and modern decorations for this little corner.
Anyone who is following the production work diaries already knows that our bathroom will be all black. Since hardly anyone is going to do this crazy thing in the bathroom, I decided to share bathroom inspirations with black and white coverings ?


10 B&W bathrooms to get inspired!

Photo: Decor Fácil

Investing in graphic prints on the floor and wall tiles completely changes the space. This is that dream bathroom for those who enjoy a more urban decor, but not that heavy.
Didn’t the vat and rose gold pendants make the environment more feminine? The delicacy of the prints also contributed to making the room light.


10 B&W bathrooms to get inspired!

Photo: Design Milk

I could not help sharing a more classic reference for those who like a traditional decor. The black matte floor transformed the space, right? Painting the side of the built-in bathtub in the color of the floor is also a great idea for those who want to enlarge the environment. For the rest, it was only betting on a golden finish on the windows to bring more charm.


10 B&W bathrooms to get inspired!

Photo: Design Sponge

Do you like environments with a retro feel? This bathroom is the perfect alternative. No, he is not discreet, but can you not fall in love with these hydraulic tiles? It doesn’t get any better for a country house or farm! The bathtub with golden feet is also very vintage and look at the idea of ​​the painted side again ?


10 B&W bathrooms to get inspired!

Photo: Dulux New Zealand via Pinterest

A smaller print on the hydraulic tiles makes the environment more delicate. In order not to weigh the composition, you do not need to invest in a flashy coating on the walls. The subway tiles with light grout are true classics! To get out of the obvious, how about painting the other half of the wall black? This is a simple and charming alternative.


10 B&W bathrooms to get inspired!

Photo: Feed Puzzle

I love different boxes and these metal-framed doors always catch my eye. The whole bathroom has this more vintage style and the door brought a certain air of modernity to the space. Don’t you also think that the piece has an industrial footprint?


10 B&W bathrooms to get inspired!

Photo: DIY Design & Decor via Pinterest

Doesn’t a delicate patterned floor bring a certain nostalgia? I’m not sure why, but tiles and inserts with feminine prints always give me a feeling of well-being and welcome. So that the environment is not all with this retro style, it is worth betting on a cleaner coating on the walls ?


10 B&W bathrooms to get inspired!

Photo: Houses to Love

Still in doubt about black in the bathroom? Restrict the color to the box! The effect is simply incredible, especially when the same coating appears on the floor and the wall.


10 B&W bathrooms to get inspired!

Photo: Million Feed

White walls and black floors can’t go wrong. Bet on the contrast of the grout with the coating to create a harmonic environment.


10 B&W bathrooms to get inspired!

Photo: PLANETE DECO Via Lovin ‘Blog

The same idea of ​​the black coating on the shower can invade your entire bathroom. I think it’s amazing when the material from the floor rises to the walls, after all, the effect is quite impressive.


10 B&W bathrooms to get inspired!

Photo: Vintage Industrial Style via Pinterest

Last but not least, a small toilet can also yield incredible decor. The black belt that goes from floor to ceiling brings a “box” feeling to the space, right? The furniture and the white bowl help to make the environment lighter.
And what about this sculpture with pendants and filament lamps? A simple idea, but super innovative!
So, do you already have a preferred environment? I love to research references that come out of the traditional, after all, they are the ones that inspire and awaken creativity ?

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