10 cake decorating ideas to make at home

10 cake decorating ideas to make at home

Some desserts already conquer us just by looking at them, and the decor is responsible for much of this appeal. That classic chocolate icing, for example, already fills the eyes of anyone who loves the ingredient and always waits for chocolatudos bees when going to a party. But if you let your creativity flow, you can go far beyond a simple ganache – even with few ingredients at home.
So, if your goal is to make the cake beautiful and make your mouth water, just choose one of these decoration options below. Remember that the inside of the cake can also be surprising, and following some very simple tricks. Check out the ideas here:

Brigadier truffles

One of the easiest ways to enhance cake decorating is definitely using brigadeiro truffles. In addition to being delicious, they bring height to the dessert and contrast with the smooth surface of the topping. The bigger they are, the more interesting the result becomes, placing them around the cake! If you prefer, you can also make several small balls and cover the entire top of the dough, giving another effect that is also beautiful.
10 cake decorating ideas to make at home

Kit Kat Basket

This decoration has already become a classic, and the good news is that it is super easy to reproduce at home. You will need to spend a little to buy all the packages kit kat needed, but the result is just incredible! To better adhere the candy to the surface of the cake, you can use a little bit of melted milk chocolate. Then finish with a ribbon or colored string.
10 cake decorating ideas to make at home

Cake decoration with caramel

This is one of the most common confectionery preparations, and if you are used to making sweets, you have already prepared one. Even those who do not have much practice in the kitchen can make caramel, which makes the cakes beautiful when placed over a layer of meringue or whipped cream. Just be careful not to let it burn, agreed?
10 cake decorating ideas to make at home


And speaking of meringue, why not cover the entire surface of the cake with it? If you want to bring a special flavor, shredded coconut can make all the difference. The secret here is to make light waves with the spatula to create an interesting effect, in addition to adding volume. As it is a cover made basically with eggs and sugar, this is one of the best options for those who do not want to buy many ingredients.
10 cake decorating ideas to make at home

Confectionery on the whole cake

Yes, he, the grainy! Not everyone likes this type of decoration because it is very simple, but it is possible to make it different with few changes. Do you know that classic brown granulate? How about adding some color to it? You can even make a gradient with the color, as shown in the photo, and cover the entire cake. Complementing the decoration, the brigadeiro truffles that we mentioned at the beginning of the text.
10 cake decorating ideas to make at home

Confectionery on the cake base

Following the same idea as confectionery, you can place them only on the bottom of the candy – as long as the icing covers the entire surface of the dough. In addition to making the cake look delicate, the idea allows you to play with the shape of the sprinkles – ball, heart, star …
10 cake decorating ideas to make at home

Confectionery in white dough

Confectionery can also be used inside the dough, giving a super fun effect. To be successful, it is necessary to prepare a white cake and invest in the colorful beeem sprinkles. If there is a more festive cake than this I don’t know!
10 cake decorating ideas to make at home

Chocolate gradient in the dough

What do you think of the idea of ​​surprising people with the inside of your cake? To achieve this effect, just change the amount of chocolate placed on each layer of the cake. It is even worth adding the dough with cinnamon and coffee, for example. If you like the suggestion, I recommend taking a look at the recipe cappuccino cake.
10 cake decorating ideas to make at home

Chocolate gradient on the topping

The color gradient can also extend to the outside of the candy, and the effect is due to the chocolate mixed in the meringue or whipped cream. To see the technique of this feat, just press on here. If you have edible dye at home, it is also possible to make a colored version of the gradient, as I taught in the cake truffled strawberry.

10 cake decorating ideas to make at home

Photo: Yoga Of Cooking

Cake decoration with sigh

Finally, another very common and easy to prepare delight. The sighs they take basic ingredients like eggs, sugar, lemon and, if you like, dye. In addition to the recipe being simple, the cake is cute with these delicacies on top. It is worth placing the sighs spaced or covering the entire top of the cake – you choose ?

10 cake decorating ideas to make at home

Photo: The Kitchn

So, which of these ideas do you like best? Tell me here which is your favorite!

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