10 creative ways to organize your jewelry

10 creative ways to organize your jewelry 1

Many women struggle to find a ring at the last minute. I confess that even for me, a super organized Virgo, it is difficult to find some of my trinkets and jewelry. Each piece requires a type of sachet / pot, but sometimes I end up storing everything together and it turns that cake full of knots: /
For those who do not have a mania for organization, I know that this problem is even greater. These accessories are very small and usually get lost very easily – one hour they are on the living room table, another on the bathroom sink and even on the nightstand. How about we take advantage of the free time on the July vacation to end the mess?

Vintage window

organizing-bijus-diy-danielle-noce-1 Photo – DIYCORE

I was dying to try this at home! A vintage wooden window, well sanded and painted with a pastel tone becomes an incredible “”! This is a super creative idea that helps a lot in visualizing the pieces – nothing about us in the necklaces or just a lost earring out there.
A good tip is to hang only the most striking pieces here! Prefer to keep delicate earrings and rings in small bags and boxes!


organizing-bijus-diy-danielle-noce-2 Photo – Trend Surviver

This piece of decoration that was much more useful, don’t you think? I loved the idea of ​​using a simpler piece to hang necklaces and bracelets. Even if it were a decorative tree with dry branches on the nightstand it would look amazing!


organizing-bijus-diy-danielle-noce-3 Photo – Paisley Wallpaper

Whoever owns many bijus ends up not being able to leave them on display. Storing them in cute metal pots in the drawers can be a great solution! Always try to keep the minimum number of pieces together, on the same support – that way the visualization of all the accessories is much better!


organizing-bijus-diy-danielle-noce-4 Photo – Decorador Net

In the same wave of pots, how about using wonderful tea cups ?! Besides being super unusual, the effect is romantic and even kind of hipster. Cups can be exposed both on tables and dressers and in drawers to avoid accumulating dust ?


organizing-bijus-diy-danielle-noce-5 Photo – Um Earring

How about exchanging the wall hooks for very romantic handles? You can use mixing patterns or all the same. In addition to being very useful, the idea here is also to help decorate the house!

Decoration part

organizing-bijus-diy-danielle-noce-6 Picture – BuzzFeed

Once again a wall sculpture! I loved the idea of ​​being able to use this technique even in the most rustic environments. Hang longer and ethnic necklaces, it looks amazing!


organizing-bijus-diy-danielle-noce-7 Picture – Mona Luna

Using a frame is super charming, especially with a romantic and very detailed frame. To get more organized, hang little hooks like the ones in the photo! In addition, using a box downstairs is a great idea for those who want to keep earrings and smaller accessories.


organizing-bijus-diy-danielle-noce-8 Photo – DIYCORE

The cupcake stand has gained a new function! I found it super charming and feminine, especially with the delicate print. The idea is to facilitate organization and decorate your room in style.


organizing-bijus-diy-danielle-noce-9 Picture – Just Lia

These mini sculptures are great for hanging our jewelry! There’s no way not to love this cuteness, right?

Glass box

organizing-bijus-diy-danielle-noce-10 Picture – Etsy

The glass box is sophisticated and a great option for the nightstand. Do you know that time when we lie down to sleep and are too lazy to take off the earring, rings and keep them? The box on the side of the bed makes everyday life so much easier!
How about trying to organize your jewelry?

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