10 curious street foods from Taiwan

10 curious street foods from Taiwan

To know Taipei truly, one of the mandatory stops is to go to at least one food stall. And to prove these street food from Taiwan, you have to be very open minded to new flavors and textures, since they are all very … different.
It is normal to be a little surprised at first, after all, culture the country is very distant from our Brazilian. The textures gelatinous and the striking flavor of garlic make up most of the foods we find for Taiwan and now we will list the most curious ones. Oh, and most of these dishes were eaten by Paulo, since there were few vegetarian options for me.


Taiwanese street food
THE Shilin night market it is one of the best places to eat food from stalls of all kinds. Over there, we found this skewer that is made with caramelized cherry tomatoes and it reminded us a lot of a love apple, mainly for the crunchy cone that forms.
Paulo classified this curious mixture as a nature truffle, due to the caramelization. It’s crispy on the outside and a burst of flavor when you bite! Despite the curious presentation, it is very worth a try ?


Taiwanese street food
THE oyster omelet is the best known dish in Taipei’s Shilin night market. Paulo was the one who tried this delicacy and, for him, it was a completely different experience than any he has ever had with food!
At first, he found it very weird mainly because of texture gooey of the oyster. Trying to be optimistic, he compared it with the consistency of a cheese melted, but the taste was nothing like that. He couldn’t even describe what it looks like, so he just went there to taste this totally new and classic Taiwanese flavor.


Taiwanese street food
Another very curious food that you will find in the Shilin market is what they call pork steam. As the name says, the pig steam it’s a steamed pig. The secret of preparation is in seasoning and, of course, us polite rectangular and thin meat.
This type of cut makes the ingredient look like a paper sheet, a fact that made Paulo find the dish even more interesting. In addition to this well presented thin, pork steam has a crunchiness very different from other typical Taiwanese foods. And you can choose between two flavors: garlic or black pepper. Which do you think you would like more?


Taiwanese street food
As you can see, there are really very few meatless options in this night market. So, during our visit, I only managed to eat a portion of cheese balls. Despite not having much variety, I was satisfied with them.
The dough is made of sweet potato, it doesn’t have much salt and the texture is very reminiscent of chewing gum, but it’s not so gooey. It’s not the best food in the world, but it’s still tasty!


Taiwanese street food

This is not the real name of the dish in Taiwan, but this egg yolk dumpling is very reminiscent of the famous ache that we already know. The big difference is in the filling with pork full of lint.
Paulo was impressed with the seasoning it’s the taste of this cookie that is also found in the night market. Would you like to try it on?


Taiwanese street food
This was the most different and difficult dish of the entire trip. To give you an idea, Paulo gave up eating. That’s right, Paulo, who always tries to eat everything, refused the dish after a bite.
THE pig blood cake has a texture gelatinous and cute that makes you chew forever. In addition, these dumplings are placed in a soup and both taste very strong blood, which makes the dish smell a little unpleasant. This one I would say that only soooo courageous can you face?


Taiwanese street food
The name of this sandwich is very intuitive and says a lot about the form which is made. The small cake is breaded, fried, kneaded and placed in a larger cake batter. And although they call it cake, in reality it is a dough made of flour that forms a kind of puff around the filling.
There are countless options for you fill, including varieties sweet and savory. Paulo chose the shredded meat and praised the difference in texture between the crunchy cake inside and the soft cake outside!


Taiwanese street food
This is another snack which is also easy to understand how it is done. They are basically two sausages: one of meat and one of rice. This effect is actually a joke created to make food funnier and attract curious looks. After all, it’s not every day that we see one sausage inside the other, right?
You can choose how hot spicy you want the sandwich, and I think it’s worth noting that Paulo is the least spicy and yet he found it strong. In addition to sausages, the snack comes with cucumber, onion and black pepper. You can even compare to the famous rotting that we have in Brazil.


Taiwanese street food
If you already had to cover your nose before eating something, you will understand what Paulo went through when facing this stinky tofu. The appetizer is served with lettuce and cabbage and is crunchier than other tofus you may already know.
The smell is strong because of its fermentation, and the process takes about 6 months and happens with the tofu inserted in a brine of a milk already fermented with broth, fish and some vegetables. Despite the odor of stinky feet strong, Paulo liked the sour taste of fermented tofu.


Taiwanese street food
In Taiwan there are several stalls selling different parts of the duck. The animal is a very traditional delicacy there and, therefore, they try to enjoy all possible pieces.
Paulo decided to try the language, which is made in a very curious and very spicy way. For him, it was like eating a bug, since the texture of the tongue was very gooey. Just imagining it makes me a little disgusted, but it tastes like everything, right?
Comment here for us which of these street foods did you find most bizarre? it would have courage to eat?

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