10 Destinations To Travel Without A Visa

10 Destinations To Travel Without A Visa

One of the biggest headaches when planning a trip is regarding documentation. After all, getting some papers and authorizations ends up being a super bureaucratic and time-consuming process. If you want to avoid some of this stress, I have separated some countries that do not require a visa for Brazilians.
Some of them require the document for people who intend to spend more than 90 days in the country. Otherwise, Brazilians can enjoy cities without concern. Oh, and that doesn’t mean you won’t need your passport, either. It is necessary for virtually every international trip, so be sure to provide one. It is valid for 10 years, so don’t worry about having to renew it regularly.

South Africa

10 Destinations To Travel Without A Visa

Photo: Dan Grinwis

Many people are left behind before knowing what are the destinations to visit in the African continent. South Africa, for example, is quite different from the image that the region is used to.
One of the places most sought after by people who go to the country is, of course, its capital. Cape Town is a charming city with super friendly people. Even though they are so far from Brazil, you can feel at home, you know? In addition, the landscapes are amazing and the tours are unforgettable experiences.


10 Destinations To Travel Without A Visa

Photo: Anthony Reungère

Germany is a country full of history, the scene of several moments that changed humanity. In my view, I would even say that some cities are like an open air museum. One of the most significant places is Berlin, mainly because of the famous wall and all the repertoire that the place carries.
To get to know this city and other special corners of the country, Brazilians do not need a tourist visa on trips of up to 90 days. Take advantage of the fact that you will be there and take advantage of the itinerary, especially to explore Berlin and its surroundings.


10 Destinations To Travel Without A Visa

Photo: Jared Rice

Looking for a more heavenly destination without having to worry about visa interviews? Go to the Bahamas! The beaches with white sand and the turquoise blue sea are attractions that are hard to resist, especially for people who enjoy this more tropical climate.
You can enjoy your days in this paradise by taking a cruise or getting to know the region on your own. And those who like to practice water sports can also take advantage of the region to risk new activities.


10 Destinations To Travel Without A Visa
I couldn’t stop talking about Argentina, right? Our dear brothers allow Brazilians to travel around the country with their ID only, so don’t miss the chance to take advantage of this perk.
If you want to take a shorter trip, focus on the itinerary only in Buenos Aires and use the most of your time to walk around the city. The buildings, streets, restaurants and shops are passionate and will make you want to stay there even longer!


10 Destinations To Travel Without A Visa
How about seeing snow without having to go far from Brazil? Chile provides the dream experience for those who always wanted to see and touch the snow. If that is your intention, I recommend that you go between June and September.
The more adventurous can take a chance on a journey through Carretera Austral. Paulo and I did the whole journey and went through some tough times. However, the whole effort was worth it – both for the experience and for the surreal landscapes.


10 Destinations To Travel Without A Visa

Photo: Charlie Marusiak

I believe that everyone at least once in their life has dreamed of knowing Greece. The country is incredibly beautiful and with scenarios worthy of film. The best time to visit is between July and August, when it rains little and the water temperature is pleasant.
Ancient architecture is one of the main characteristics of Greece. For this reason, many people connected with history and art have a greater interest in the country, going beyond superficial beauty. If you have the opportunity to meet him, try taking cultural tours that also bring you knowledge!


10 Destinations To Travel Without A Visa

Photo: Eduardo Flores

The legacy of the Inca civilization is one of the biggest reasons why Peru receives thousands of tourists annually. Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, for example, are almost always on the route of many Brazilians who go there and are two super historic places.
Local cuisine also always makes tourists even more passionate about the place. Try to try dishes from Peruvian culture and be open to new ingredients and spices. I promise you won’t regret it.


10 Destinations To Travel Without A Visa

Photo: Cody Black

Italian cuisine is loved by all of us, so nothing better than visiting a country that has gastronomy influenced by Italy. In addition to delicious food, Croatia is full of surprises when it comes to architecture and incredible scenery.
The country’s beaches are beautiful and one of the most visited places is the Plitvice Lakes National Park. It is considered one of the most beautiful places in Europe! Oh, and those who love wine also have the opportunity to taste great varieties around the region.


10 Destinations To Travel Without A Visa

Photo: Biel Morro

Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world and has several leisure options, pleasing both people who prefer the city as well as those who enjoy nature more. If you are that first type of person, Barcelona is the perfect destination!
The country’s beaches are also idyllic and ideal for relaxing a lot. Paulo and I went to Mallorca and Menorca a while ago and were delighted with the beauty of the region. If you are interested in knowing more about these two places, just click here ?


10 Destinations To Travel Without A Visa

Photo: Luciano Paris

Close to Brazil and with breathtaking landscapes! Brazilians have shown increasing interest in travel in South America, so Uruguay is an option as incredible as Argentina.
Montevideo, for example, has beautiful architecture and perfect cuisine for those who like good wine. Another very interesting point about traveling around the country is that you can get to know other cities by bus, and all using only your own ID!
So, what did you think of knowing that you can visit these places only with your ID or with your passport?

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