10 essential tips to have the gods sleep

10 essential tips to have the gods sleep

Improve mental health, increase immunity, stay calm, be productive, relax … There are so many pressures in recent times that the first idea that comes to mind is that we will not do the job. Hearing like this, it seems as simple as a snap of a finger and that everything we “need” to do to be well was easily done, right? We know that this is not the case and that the search for balance is a fact in anyone’s life.

However, there is only one essential practice for achieving a better quality of life and that you may not have valued as much: sleep better!

Sleep better: 10 essential tips to have the sleep of the gods

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THE I’m is responsible for keeping us alive. It may seem like an exaggeration, but the thousands of researches on how well sleeping brings health benefits only proves the fact that people who sleep better (different from “sleep more”, ok?) they have more disposition, are calmer and react much more effectively against disease.

What happens is that when we are sleeping it is as if the body is reloading indeed! During the day the body is running at full throttle and needs to release energy to keep us awake and still perform all tasks. At night it’s time to give him rest so that we can fully recover and leave the immune system up there. THE World Health Organization (WHO), as well as several other proven researches, recommends 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night for adults between 18 and 64 years old. Before 18 it is ideal to sleep more and after 64 a little less.

But how sleep better? We prepare 10 essential tips for you to have the sleep of the gods ?


The first step that serves many areas and problems in life is the self knowledge. There are many indications that are general and that we will talk about next. However, looking inside you and recognizing what makes you feel good and what makes you get a good night’s sleep and better sleep is essential.

Sleep better: 10 essential tips to have the gods sleep

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Do having arguments before bed help or hinder you? Watching a lot of news, eating foods that make your body heavier, thinking too much … Is it good? Seeking therapies that can help you relax are excellent alternatives to a good night’s sleep.


Having made the above comment regarding self-knowledge, other indications are more general. After all, we are talking about the human body and, as much as they have their particularities, many functions are the same, right? One of the tips that works for most people is having a environment ideal to sleep, which can have Feng Shui as a base or 3 pillars: temperature, light and sound.

Sleep better: 10 essential tips to have the sleep of the gods

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AN temperature, incredible as it may seem, it needs to be slightly below the rest of the house. Allow the room to air during the day so as not to get stuffy and take a hot shower at least 1 hour before bedtime, to cause the “thermal shock”. Regarding the lighting, it needs to be as dark as possible and the light must be dimmed a while before bedtime (lamps and lamps are great for this). The Like can be controlled with the use of ear protectors. Ah, of course, a warm and calming environment is essential too.

Want an extra tip? A delicious aroma can make all the difference! Everyone must have heard of lavender! How about trying to use an essential oil from the plant in the room air freshener? We will tell you a little more about aromatherapy in this post here ?


Perfect environment, it’s time for you to have your schedules good defined. The most interesting thing is that you set a time to sleep and wake up and that they are the same every day – yes, even on weekends. This helps the brain to understand that “the time is coming” and, consequently, brings us more discipline to fulfill the 8 hours of sleep (on average) – remember, this is essential for living.

Sleep better: 10 essential tips to have the gods sleep

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In addition to the schedule, create a ritual. Turn off the lights just before, read a book if it is your routine, write, drink some tea … But remember to do it all out of bed. Only really lie down at bedtime. The body also needs to understand where each activity is located.


Since we’re talking about it, this is an ideal time to drop the cell phone. The best thing is not to be connected to other matters and really concentrate on the action of sleeping. In addition, the light from the cell phone, computer and TV screen reaches the eyes and cuts off the production of melatonin, hormone responsible for sleep patterns.

Sleep better: 10 essential tips to have the gods sleep

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So, how about 30 minutes before your bedtime leave your cell phone away from your bed? It can be an interesting habit and still prevents you from waking up already looking at Instagram or WhatsApp – who never, right?


We have already mentioned in a post here on the website how much breathing works so that we have a better quality of life. After all, breathing is practically synonymous with being alive. Giving due importance to this action makes perfect sense.

10 essential tips to have the gods sleep

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There’s a video on Dani’s IGTV with a great breathing exercise to sleep better. It’s super easy, simple and can be a way for you to start relaxing before bed. Meditating is also a great alternative and we recommend 5 apps to practice here.


We are already tired of knowing that if to exercise it’s a great medicine for almost everything in life, isn’t it? But it doesn’t hurt to remember how important physical activities are, including sleeping. If we think concretely, the practice of physical exercises makes us tired and the body will rest more easily.

10 essential tips to have the gods sleep

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On the other hand, there is also the release of hormones that help in the sensation of welfare and this is directly related to the quality of sleep. But be aware: if your exercise gives you a lot of energy it is best to practice it in the morning – always notice your body.


Food, in general, is very important for a good night’s sleep. Lighter fruits and low-carb foods help you sleep. The teas, as long as they are soothing, they can be one of the last things to consume before bed, for example.

10 essential tips to have the gods sleep

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However, remember to choose one that has soothing properties. No green tea, matcha or black, okay? We made a post with the teas you can consume for to relax (on here).


You may have heard that coffee should not be consumed at night, right? The caffeine present in it or in green and black teas gives that peak of energy and can cause insomnia.

Sleep better: 10 essential tips to have the gods sleep

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In addition, the alcohol it’s the tobacco should be avoided before bed. Both give the false feeling of sleep and calm, however, only “sedate” those who consume them and this does not guarantee a good quality of sleep.


Of course it is not a tip of effect so fast or with exceptional results. But, why not remember our friendly plants? NASA has already indicated a varied list of plants to have in the bedroom that help purify the air and increase the quality of sleep. We have already made a very complete post on the subject (here).

10 essential tips to have the gods sleep

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In addition, plants make the environment more cozy and tasty if it is your style. Nothing better than falling asleep in a place that has our face, right?


Finally, but that should be the first option if you have insomnia often and want to sleep better: look for a doctor. Many people suffer from insomnia and actually changing a lifestyle and habits can improve the situation. However, be sure to seek professional help with exams and find a better and safer way to solve the problem. It is always good to remember: do not use medication without medical advice, ok?

10 essential tips to have the gods sleep

Photo: Dawid Liberadzki in Unsplash


Tell us in the comments if this text helped you or what are your best sleeping practices ?

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