10 Incredible Ice Cream Parlors in São Paulo
10 incredible ice cream parlors in sao paulo

10 Incredible Ice Cream Parlors in São Paulo

Summer is already showing up and there is nothing better than a good ice cream to cool off, right? This is one of my favorite desserts, even during the cold! On our trip to Italy, for example, we went to several ice cream parlors to try to find out which are the best ice creams in Rome.
For those from São Paulo, it is also easy to taste delicious ice creams and unusual flavors. What is not lacking here are incredible ice cream parlors – both in flavors as well as locations with super cute decorations.

Leonardo’s workshops

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Looking for a tasty and natural gelato? Just stop by Le Botteghe di Leonardo! The ingredients used in the composition of the ice creams are selected with great care and several of the gelatos are made with the fruits of the season.
Several of the gelatos do not have any animal ingredients, so vegetarians and vegans can enjoy it a lot. Oh, and your four-legged friend is super welcome over there. The place even offers a popsicle for dogs, made with whole yogurt, honey, seasonal fruit and bone for dog as toothpick ?

Frida and Mina

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Frida e Mina is one of the favorite ice cream parlors of many paulistanos and all this success is not for nothing. The place sells flavors of ice cream that look like they were created by the gods, I swear! For those who love salted caramel, like me, be sure to ask for the salted caramel gelato.
The house shell is also handmade and super crunchy, making the experience even more delicious. Want another reason to go there? They make natural water available to customers, so you don’t have to spend a little more money to buy a bottle or glass of water.

Gelato Boutique

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Another gelateria with 100% natural ice cream is Gelato Boutique. The flavors of the place are surprising, and several of them are unique and authorial creations. One of them is caffè-lime, a powerful combination of coffee with zest and lemon-tahiti juice.
Oh, and if you want a delicious and refreshing ice cream at one of your parties, just get in touch with the local event team. For more information, just access the brand’s website.


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Following the whole process of a traditional Italian gelato, Cuordicrema is always among the most recommended ice cream parlors in the city. The gelatos are all handcrafted and produced daily, and even the way they preserve the ice cream is inspired by Italian techniques.
If you like fruit combinations, try the mango gelato with passion fruit – super refreshing and just the right bitterness. For coffee lovers, I recommend tiramisù ice cream.


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Stuzzi’s first unit was opened in 2008 and since then it has been a success. Nowadays, one of her differentials is her second store in São Paulo called Veganeria, in which all ice creams are made without any ingredient of animal origin.
Much of the local recipes are made with water or chestnut milk, so everything has a unique and special flavor. Among the most requested flavors there are mascarpone and, for vegans, coconut yogurt with blueberries!


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Although it is not the ice cream shop with the creamiest gelato on this list, I couldn’t stop talking about Stuppendo. Located in moema, the brand was created by presenter Edu Guedes, you know? The happily married ice cream is one of the stars of the house, but also don’t leave the place without trying the strawberry and raspberry. I promise it will be worth it ?


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Directly from Buenos Aires, Freddo brought one of the best gelato to Brazil. The store was originally founded in 1969 in the Recoleta neighborhood and now has more than 150 units around the world! Quite a success, right?
The brand’s gelatos do not receive added preservatives or even flavorings. In addition, the fruits used in the preparation of some of the flavors are treated in their natural state throughout the elaboration process. Mascarpone ice cream with raspberry coulis is one of the most ordered there.


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For a very creamy and flavorful ice cream, how about going to Davvero? The brand also works with natural ingredients and strictly follows the traditional Italian recipe. Although they use many ingredients from Brazil, some gelatos gain special international touches.
Pistachio ice cream, for example, is made with pistachio di Bronti, a region known mainly for this fruit. Some of the flavors sold on the spot are quite eccentric, like white coffee and chocolate with pepper.

Milk kiss

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Despite having already become an “ordinary” ice cream shop due to its great expansion, Bacio di Latte still deserves a mention. The local ice creams are creamy and have a very concentrated flavor. They do not have so many different and innovative flavors, but the classics leave something to be desired.
The pistachio ice cream of the place is undoubtedly one of the most successful. If you like dulce de leche, also be sure to ask for gelato with this flavor. Some of the units have more different flavors, so going to more than one is not wasted time.

Damp Ice Cream

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Damp Sorvetes is an amazing neighborhood ice cream shop. Located in the ipiranga region, the place is known mainly for its unusual flavors. After all, have you ever imagined trying a rose water or apricot brie cheese ice cream?
The combinations are super authentic and it is even difficult to choose which flavor will be chosen this time. If you are interested in seeing the other flavors sold there, just click here!
I don’t know about you, but I was dying for ice cream! If I left some incredible place off the list, be sure to comment here ?

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