10 Italian Desserts Beyond Tiramisù

10 Italian Desserts Beyond Tiramisù

Who can say the name of at least 5 Italian desserts? Difficult, right? Tiramisù is, without a doubt, one of the most consumed here in Brazil and is one of the first responses that come to mind.
However, Italian confectionery goes far beyond combining cookies, mascarpone and coffee. So, I selected another 10 super classic sweets in the country. I know that each one has a specific taste for dessert, but I believe that most of them can please everyone todos

Panna Cotta

10 Italian Desserts Beyond Tiramisù

Complete recipe

Like tiramisù, panna cotta is already a little better known here. Dessert is basically a cream baked and flavored with vanilla. I know it seems to be easy to make, but don’t underestimate the difficulty of reaching the correct point for this dessert!
The texture of the panna cotta is super delicate, so it is necessary to prepare it very calmly. If you are interested in trying to make the candy at home, take a look at the recipe we share here on the site.


10 Italian Desserts Beyond Tiramisù

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Another Italian dessert also more famous in Brazil is Cannoli. The “tubinho” is made with a fried sweet dough, filled with a cream based on ricotta cheese or mascarpone with ingredients such as vanilla, pistachios, chocolate or candied fruits.
The contrast between the crunchiness of the dough and the creaminess of the filling is what makes this dessert so iconic and delicious. In Brazil, the sweet won very creative versions, such as nutella cannoli or dulce de leche. Even though they are not ingredients of the original version, they also combine very well with the dough ?


10 Italian Desserts Beyond Tiramisù

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Pignoli is a type of pine nut very common in the Mediterranean region. However, in Italy it is more than just a type of seed. The ingredient also gives the pignoli cookie its name! The dough is very simple and can be made by anyone at home.
The base of it is usually prepared with almond paste, sugar and egg. The difference is in the seeds placed on the top of each cookie, bringing a super special flavor and crispness.


10 Italian Desserts Beyond Tiramisù

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Similar to a sweet donut, the zeppoles are made with choux pastry and icing cream filling. The interesting thing about this dessert is that it can be fried or baked, obtaining different results according to each preparation. The tradition of eating this sweet is more common in southern Italy, but over the years the recipe has become popular throughout the country.


10 Italian Desserts Beyond Tiramisù

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How about trying fried dumplings covered in honey? Struffoli was actually created by the Greeks, but it ended up being taken to Italy and became a sensation there. The dessert has some variations depending on the region, but nothing that drastically changes the main characteristics of the sweet.
The preparation of the dough is not very complicated, but making the balls ends up being a little laborious. To make it you will need flour, sugar, yeast, salt, egg, butter and rum, brandy or liquor. With the exception of alcohol, the other ingredients are super common and we usually have them all at home ?


10 Italian Desserts Beyond Tiramisù
It is impossible not to mention the classic Italian gelato, right? This type of ice cream has become a fever, so much so that I even made a post with the best ice cream / gelaterias in São Paulo.
If you are planning a trip to Italy, try to try as many ice creams as you can. Paulo and I, for example, took a tour of 5 ice cream parlors in Rome and in the video we told you which was our favorite! To watch, just click here.


10 Italian Desserts Beyond Tiramisù

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I always tell you that confectionery is precision. In that case, you will need more than ever correct measures for the recipe to work. The famous Italian nougat has a somewhat complex recipe, so you must be very careful when preparing it.
It is basically made from a mix of nuts and chestnuts and marshmallow. However, managing to leave this mixture in a rectangular shape is a little challenging. Depending on your level of laziness, it is more worthwhile to look for somewhere that sells ready-made dessert!


10 Italian Desserts Beyond Tiramisù

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For those who enjoy very light recipes, Zabaglione is the perfect sweet. It consists of only three ingredients: egg yolks, sugar and marsala wine. Dessert is served in a bowl, super elegant for holidays or special occasions. To add a touch of sweetness, you can add chopped fruit of your choice!


10 Italian Desserts Beyond Tiramisù

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Another super characteristic recipe from Italy is the bomboloni. The dough is similar to that of a donut, but without the hole in the middle. In addition, it is usually filled with icing cream, but it can have other variations such as chocolate cream.
I’ve already made a delicious bomboloni recipe and you can check the step by step by clicking here. As I explain to you in this video, the dough is super aerated and very quick to make.

Brutti ma buoni

10 Italian Desserts Beyond Tiramisù

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Last but not least, the brutti ma buoni. This hazelnut-based biscuit has as its main characteristic its crunchiness and a more rustic shape, which does not necessarily need to look like a cookie.
In addition to hazelnuts, the dough also contains almonds and, depending on your taste, chocolate. In some parts of Italy you can also find other variations that contain pistachio, which is also a more crunchy and tasty ingredient.
My mouth watered after seeing so many delights! And you, what was the sweetest you most wanted to taste?

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