10 Lactose-Free Recipes To Make Now!

10 Lactose-Free Recipes To Make Now!

Not everyone consumes milk of cow and derivatives. Whether by allergy or by choice, lactose-free food ends up being a little more limited – especially when we eat outside the home.
However, there are several substitutes for these products, just know how to use them! Thinking about it, we created a selection with 10
lactose free recipes. They are delicious desserts and super easy to make ?

Marble cake

The marble cake is a classic, perfect for afternoon coffee. In this version, you can use the vegetable milk of your choice. And the preparation is super simple: just beat everything in the blender!
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Marble cake

Sweet potato brownie

How about a very chocolaty brownie based on sweet potatoes? The combination looks strange, but the taste is the same as the original and the texture is divine. Be sure to add some pieces of nuts and chestnuts to bring that crispness that everyone loves.
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sweet potato brownie

Vanilla cake with blackberry sauce

Simple and delicate, this vanilla cake batter is super fluffy and tasty. To add a special touch, cover the candy with a syrup that brings a contrast of flavors. Our suggestion, for example, is the blackberry syrup ?
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vanilla cake

Cho cakecolate

It is impossible not to love the traditional chocolate cake, right? In this recipe, we use coconut milk and chocolate without lactose. Despite the different ingredients, the end result is a fluffy cake that melts in your mouth.
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Chocolate Cake

Cucumber of guava

Joining a traditional cuca recipe with guava has no mistake. So, we want to see everyone preparing this wonder at home without fear of making mistakes!
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guava paste

Fanta cake

Who lives with many children does not need to think twice before making this fanta cake. The flavor of the soda is super smooth and the cake dough is very light and moist.
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fanta cake

Whole apple galette

Are you trying to be healthier, but don’t want to give up a sweetie? So, make this delicious apple tart at home. Its base is integral and full of nutrients ?
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apple galette

Prestige cake

Another traditional sweet that could not be left out of our list! In addition to the classic duo, coconut and chocolate, this version of the prestigious cake has a little bit of cointreau to give a different flavor.
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prestige cake

Peach tart

Another nutritious and healthy tart! The filling has jam and the fruit of your choice – peach and mango, for example, are great options.
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peach pie

Cornmeal string

To accompany your daily coffee, bet on these cornmeal strips with cardamom. The cookies are super fragrant and easy to make.
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cornmeal string
How much good! Who also got mouth watering?

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