10 Makeup Products for Beginners

10 Makeup Products for Beginners

Makeup is that thing: there are people who love and have thousands of products, but there is always someone who doesn’t even know where to start. But calm down, it’s nothing out of this world and you don’t need to have hundreds of brushes and products at the beginning. I myself, who do makeup daily, don’t use even half of the things I have in my day to day and that’s why I decided to do this post.

10 Makeup Products for Beginners

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I made a selection of 10 items that, in my view, are indispensable in a basic kit, but that also serve to assemble a beautiful travel case ?


10 Makeup Products for Beginners

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You will hardly need a base with very high coverage in your day to day. I end up using the product more because I record, but on quieter days a BB Cream is more than enough. I like the product because it evens out skin tone and comes with sunscreen and moisturizer, which is great for those who are not yet used to following all make-up steps.
The coverage of this type of product is usually light, but I consider it a positive thing for trips and days of intense heat ?


10 Makeup Products for Beginners

Photo: The Chriselle Factor

If you are the type who does not wear make-up on a daily basis, you can even remove BB Cream from the list, but a medium or high base of long-term coverage will be important in social events such as weddings and graduations. Good skin completely changes the makeup, so if you have an item that is worth investing a little more it is in the base.


10 Makeup Products for Beginners

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For me this is the essential item! A good concealer works miracles and can be used to cover dark circles, pimples and even illuminate strategic parts of the face. With a high coverage concealer and good fixation, the foundation does not become that essential item every day, you know?


10 Makeup Products for Beginners

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Compact, loose or translucent, this is a very important product for those with oily skin. In addition to removing the shine of the skin that inevitably appears throughout the day, the foundation and concealer fix better after applying a layer of dust at strategic points, such as the famous T zone.
Loose powders are lighter and give a more natural effect on the skin, but they make much more dirt on the necessaire. For beginners, translucent powders may be welcome, but don’t overdo it, okay?


10 Makeup Products for Beginners

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The blush varies a lot according to the skin tone, but I would say that a mauve shade goes well in any occasion. It can serve to give the air of health in a more basic make-up and can also work as a shadow since the warm tones are very high ?


10 Makeup Products for Beginners

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The difference that an eyelash mask makes right away is impressive! It is practically a facelift and it is impossible to think of incredible makeup without this product.


10 Makeup Products for Beginners

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The brown eyeshadow in the makeup kit is almost like a white shirt in your wardrobe: versatile. Choosing the right shade serves to correct small flaws in the eyebrows, make a beautiful smokey eye and, in some cases, even for the contour.
If you want to increase the kit, you can also invest in a simple palette with only neutral tones. Shades of opaque and shiny beige and browns yield countless makeups.


10 Makeup Products for Beginners

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It was a time when I used black pencil in the waterline of my eyes, but I confess that a brown pencil is never missing in my case. A thin line, almost like an eyeliner, makes a lot of difference in the look. For those who do not have much practice or are on the run, it is much more advantageous to take a creamy pencil because it can be smudged and you do not have to worry about making a straight line.


10 Makeup Products for Beginners

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I would not put just a lipstick on this list, after all, it is the easiest product to change on a daily basis. I’m a fan of nudes and rosés, so I would recommend these tones for the beginning. However, I think a slightly darker lipstick, like red, brown or pink are great for night ?


10 Makeup Products for Beginners

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A sponge in the shape of a drop will help you a lot when it comes to making the skin and not miss the hand in the amount of product. After this invention I rarely use a foundation brush, so I can say that it was a good buy. The brushes are important even for the eyes and I indicate 3 of them: a chamfered which is great for fixing eyebrows, a flat to deposit the shadow on the eyelid and a cute to blend. On the skin side, it is important to have two: powder it’s from to blush.
Do you have any more essential product tips? Be sure to count here in the comments ?

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