10 offices to be inspired
10 offices to be inspired

10 offices to be inspired

Who doesn’t like having a cozy and stylish home? Thinking about it, I selected some photos to inspire you to set up a very comfortable work corner and, of course, with incredible decor!

Picture – Miss Moss

A grace, right? The coolest thing here is the composition of the two shelves that, although white, have the relief that makes them more modern and escape the obvious. The yellow on the shelf support and the lamp wire bring more life to the environment!

Photo – Jennifer Wagner

This second office has a black wall, but it still does not weigh in the final composition. The graphic carpet and the turquoise, pink and white objects are lighter and refer to a more feminine environment.

Picture – 79 ideas

An organized mess! The home office, almost all in black and white, mixes objects with industrial inspiration – like the chairs, the lamp and the apparent wires – besides bringing more cute objects – like the photos, posters and drawings pasted on the wall.

Picture – Cecilie Slykke

Clean but full of personality – this is the fourth office selected! Natural light is an ally and the light tones of white and wood are essential to maintain brightness. The charm here is due to the hanging lights, next to the posters, and the striped fabric waste basket.

Photo – enter my attic

Fun sets! The wall full of inspiring words and phrases gives a special touch to the environment. The orange painted organizer with poles and the crochet-coated pot can be made at home and make all the difference in the final result.

Photo – Refinery 29

Inspiring. This office brings everything together in a minimal space. The high ceiling and the white wall are very important so that the space does not become a heap of junk. The clothesline with photos, pictures and cute objects make the room very cozy and stylish.

Picture – Galletasdeante

The seventh office shows that space can remain serious, but with a lot of life. White lacquer furniture, wooden chairs and plants on both sides of the table bring harmony. The transparent jars and the hanging camera are details that are not always noticed at first glance, but they are elements that make the environment more cozy and clean.

Photo – Brit.com

This is quite different from what we are used to seeing! The dark wall of the blackboard contrasts with the images – which seem to attract our attention much more than if they were placed on a white wall. The yellow ribbons that stick the images give a creative touch and the dark wood furniture pulls our gaze back to the wall, which is the big difference.

Picture – all girl

The compact! I chose this one because, in addition to being cute, he is very tiny. The mini bookcase under the table and the white lacquer drawers make everything more organized. Hooks for hanging bags and backpacks also make space usage much easier. The mug as a pen holder is also a practical solution!

Picture – Style me pretty

The last office has the striped wall as a highlight. Black and white graphic elements always make the environments more modern and this was no different! The space also escaped sameness with the black and gold table. The objects are very feminine and make the final composition beautiful, right?
That urge to renovate the office has already hit. Did you like the suggestions? Tell us in the comments!

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