10 parts and accessories worth taking in your suitcase

10 parts and accessories worth taking in your suitcase

I know, I know … The bag varies a lot according to the destination and the style of the trip, but I don’t need to stop sharing with you some items that can make a difference when you are away from home.
As many of you may already know, I like to take looks ready for any trip. This method is the one that works the most with me, because I don’t have to think about the productions before I leave. Most of the time, the pieces that I will quote in this post are already in my looks and they will certainly help you assemble a more functional bag.

Each case is different and there are destinations that require a much more stuffed suitcase – especially during the winter (I’ve already made a post about suitcases for the cold here). However, as a good Virgo, I like to make a checklist with some items that I always end up using and that make life easier on the trip. Shall we go to them?

There is no point in denying, a good sweatshirt works from a weekend on the beach (when it hits that unexpected cold) to a trip for the European winter. I already like to take a model on the flight, because there is no more comfortable part than this!
I also think it’s worth taking a jacket, see? You can use it only at the hotel or at the house you rent, but I’m sure that when the wind hits, it’s for the sweatshirt that you will run.



Photo – Paulo Cuenca (full look)

90% of my travel looks are with sneakers and I think I don’t even need to go into that. Enjoy that the shoes are with everything and use a lot during the walks. In addition to comfort, sneakers are super-versatile. Wear it with jeans, skirts, shorts, dresses … Go with everything!



Photo – Paulo Cuenca (full look)

A lot of people would put a white T-shirt on that list and, although I love the piece, I think any smooth model works. A black T-shirt can save your life when you hit that laziness of thinking about the look. In addition, it is always good to take extra tops if you get dirty.



Photo – Paulo Cuenca (full look)

It may be a waterproof jacket with a hood or a cloak, but I’m sure you will not fail to enjoy the destination even in the rain. This item was indispensable in my travels to Carretera Austral, Israel and Iceland, but nowadays I take the cover everywhere.
All we need during a trip is comfort, mobility and practicality, right? That’s why I recommend a lot more raincoats than umbrellas. Depending on the style of the trip, it is worth even waterproof pants (on the trails of Carretera it was very useful).



Photo – Paulo Cuenca (full look)

This piece comes in the same line as the plain shirt, after all, it is unthinkable for me to travel without at least one pair of jeans. Take the simplest and most comfortable model you have and, if you want one more tip, prefer the darker jeans – aren’t they as casual as those with lighter washes?

Backpack / CROSS BAG


Photo – Paulo Cuenca (full look)

This varies a lot according to your personal style, but I don’t think you can go around without a bag or backpack. I am not one of those people who carry the world on the stock exchange (in fact, I am the opposite of that), however, it is always good to have a place to keep at least your wallet and cell phone. The tip here is to always carry an accessory that leaves your hands free, because no one deserves to be holding the bag all day.



Photo – Paulo Cuenca (full look)

Here is a cardigan, a light sweater, a knitwear, a little denim jacket or even a big scarf. I think it is essential to have a more tidy and warm piece on any trip. In the United States, for example, the air conditioning in restaurants and stores is usually at a very low temperature and you can’t get cold in places, right?
With the exception of the beaches, I hardly ever leave the hotel without a small piece tied around my waist or inside my bag. I don’t know about you, but when I travel I like to go out in the morning and come back only at the end of the day, so it is also important to have this third piece at night when it starts to get cold.
Do you go into the cold and find this kind of piece too light? Look, I always recommend going with lots of layers and light pieces are very welcome. Despite being cold on the street, many places in the world have great heating infrastructure and you just can’t keep that jacket inside the establishments.



Photo – Paulo Cuenca (full look)

It may seem very weird to take a bikini to Iceland, but isn’t it that I wore it? In Carretera Austral and Israel I also ended up in the water so I consider this a good item to take on trips. You never know when and where you will find a heated pool or hot springs, right?



Photo – Paulo Cuenca (full look)

Following the same principle as swimsuits and bikinis, I always carry a flip flop on my travels. The piece not only works when we go to the beach or the pool, I love to stay in my room with my slippers on. The shoe is very comfortable, takes up almost no space in the bag and is always worn – at least in my case?



Photo – Paulo Cuenca (full look)

It doesn’t have to be a formal look – unless you have a wedding or party already scheduled – but it’s always a good idea to bring a tidier production option. At the beach, of course, you don’t have to take a jump, but it’s nice to have a nice dress for a dinner that wasn’t in the initial plans. It doesn’t have to be anything out of this world, it’s that classic little black dress that you can use in many ways, you know?
Only with these pieces I think you can already assemble a good suitcase! Do you also have a wild card to take trips?

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