10 places for you to take beautiful photos in New York

10 places for you to take beautiful photos in New York

Paulo and I have already been to New York several times and we always know something new. The city is full of incredible places, from the most touristic to the least known. As you already know, I always take several photos in the places I travel, both to post here on the website and on Instagram. For this reason, we always have to look for corners that yield good photos.
In NY it is not at all difficult to find super photogenic places, but it is always good to know which are the best places, right? Ah, there is no point in the place being beautiful, but uninteresting, because that way you don’t even enjoy your ride. Thinking about it, I created this little list with tips of cool places for you to visit and photograph. I promise you will have wonderful photos to keep as a souvenir ?

Top of the rock

10 places for you to take beautiful photos in New York

Photo: Ohh Couture

Top Of The Rock is a great alternative for those who want to have a panoramic view of the city without having to deal with huge queues. Another positive aspect of this place is that the ticket price is lower compared to the Empire State Building – it varies from 28 to 65 dollars.
This observatory is among one of the most photographed places in NY and with good reason. The view is very beautiful, especially if you enjoy more urban landscapes. Despite being quite cliché, a photo with the city’s buildings as a backdrop is a great memory.

Coney Island

10 places for you to take beautiful photos in New York

Photo: Paulo Cuenca

This place is incredible for several reasons. The first of them is, of course, the incredible setting for the photos. The landscape seen from the Coney Island boardwalk is very beautiful and the people there are super cool. The second reason is that there you will also find a very nice beach to walk and relax, even though it is very busy.
The last but not least reason is Luna Park. The place is an amusement park, similar to what is on the pier in Santa Monica, California. The roller coasters and the ferris wheel are among the main attractions. As the entrance to the park is free, you can enter and just take some pictures!


10 places for you to take beautiful photos in New York

Photo: Sophia Erro via Pinterest

Brooklyn is one of the most relaxed and cool areas of NY, with lots of cool places to photograph. One of the most famous spots there is the Dumbo neighborhood, super chhandsome. The name of this area is an abbreviation for “Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass”, which means more or less “under Manhattan Bridge”.
The photo of people between the buildings with the Manhattan Bridge in the background is extremely famous and almost a postcard of the city. If you want to guarantee yours, the specific street that people usually go to is 5 Washinton. As it is a very busy place, mainly for tourists, I recommend that you go there early. So you avoid lines and can better enjoy the walk through the neighborhood ?


10 places for you to take beautiful photos in New York

Photo: Robert Wright for The New York Times

Another beautiful area of ​​Brooklyn, but with a much more different proposal. Bushwick’s Troutman Street is a very alternative and hipster part. There you will find lots of street art, especially colorful and huge graffiti.
I love to see this kind of art and I feel like I’m in an open-air gallery, in the style of the East Side Gallery in Berlin. Anyone who likes colorful photos and also likes to appreciate the incredible work of street artists should certainly add Bushwick to the trip’s itinerary.

NoMo Soho

10 places for you to take beautiful photos in New York

Photo: We perceive

NoMo Soho is a good place to take pictures, if you are willing to spend a little money. I say this because the place is a restaurant, that is, you can take pictures, but you will have to consume at least something, right? The prices are not that high – a pasta dish, for example, costs 20 dollars. The good thing is that at the same time you take beautiful pictures, eat delicious food and in a charming place.

New York Public Library

10 places for you to take beautiful photos in New York

Photo: Thomas Leonard via Tumblr

The New York Public Library in Bryant Park is one of the largest public libraries in the United States. Besides being huge, the architecture of the place is incredible and super imposing. The beauty of the structure of this space attracts people daily to take pictures in it, especially near the arches that are right on the facade.
After taking the pictures you want there, be sure to explore other parts of the library and enter it to feel in a world apart, full of books and long tables for reading and studying. If you go to the city to study, for example, the library is a great place to spend the afternoon doing the necessary tasks.

The Highline

10 places for you to take beautiful photos in New York

Photo: Loving New York

New York has several great parks to visit, like the famous Central Park. Many people end up going only in it and stop visiting other green areas of the city, which are as beautiful as the most popular spots. The High Line Park is one of those places that deserves to be visited more!
It was made to revitalize the space where a train line used to work. The trails were maintained there, making the landscape even more beautiful. The space yields wonderful photos and at various points in the park you will have the city buildings as a background. I particularly love this place.

The Cloisters

10 places for you to take beautiful photos in New York

Photo: Veranda

The Cloisters is like an alternative New York universe because of its medieval-like architecture. The site is a continuation of the Metropolitan Museum of NY and specializes in medieval articles.
Everything you find there will be from that time and it is a delightful walk for those who enjoy history. In addition to being a museum rich in information, its structure is a grace and a beautiful setting for photos, especially in the areas closest to the garden!

The brooklyn bridge

10 places for you to take beautiful photos in New York

Photo: Gal Meets Glam

After taking the photo in Dumbo, with The Brooklyn Bridge in the background, you will probably want to see the bridge itself. It is very common to find people there strolling and cycling, both among city dwellers and tourists. The bridge is charming and the photos taken on it come out wonderful.
This is another place in the city that also gives you a beautiful view of the skyline full of NY buildings. Ah, if you want to have a photo without many people in the background, try to go there very early, ok?

Brooklyn Heights boardwalk

10 places for you to take beautiful photos in New York

Photo: Among Other Things

The Brooklyn Heighst Promenade is nothing more than a boardwalk that is very close to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. The place is perfect for those who want to walk leisurely while taking pictures and enjoying the view of Manhattan Island. Even New Yorkers love this part of the city and go to the place to relax and watch the scenery. During the spring and fall this part of New York becomes even more beautiful.
Did you like the tips? If you want to know even more interesting places to go, just watch our vlogs in the city. Paulo and I also recommend restaurants, cafes and some tourist attractions for you to see in these videos ?

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