10 Places You Can't Miss in the Algarve
10 places you cant miss in the algarve

10 Places You Can’t Miss in the Algarve

Adored by all the tourists who go there, the Algarve has become a very common destination for those traveling to Portugal. This region, far to the south of the country, is perfect for those who want to relax a lot and enjoy different beaches. In addition, if you like water sports or want to learn, this is a great opportunity to have a lot of fun doing this type of activity!
I gave some general tips about the Algarve in another post, and now it’s time to share some of the beaches that most enchanted me. Write down all the tips that I will tell you now, because they will be essential for the trip to leave the way you always dreamed of. Oh, and don’t forget, plan your itinerary well in advance to guarantee all the tours you want to do ?

Point of Pity

Photo: @everthewanderer

Ponta da Piedade is that kind of breathtaking place, you know? It is very close to Lagos, so be sure to add the place to your itinerary if you plan to tour this area of ​​the Algarve. It is possible to reach Ponta da Piedade by car or boat. By car, to get to the small cove you will have to face 130 steps after parking at the top of the cliff. The view from the top of the place is beautiful, so I believe it is worth doing the tour that way.
The boat experience is more comfortable, as you will be able to depart from a nearby city and have a different view of the rocks and cliffs that make up the landscape. Another way to enjoy the region is kayaking or SUP. There are several companies in the region that offer this type of tour, such as SeaBookings. For those who are with a friend or companion, it is a very lively activity that will yield good laughs and photos!

Marinha Beach

Photo: @ francescamancini22

Considered one of the best beaches in the world, Praia da Marinha conquers everyone who visits it. Because it is surrounded by a cliff carved by erosion, the landscape of this beach is somewhat unusual. It is a super natural and well preserved corner, ideal for those who want to enjoy a more peaceful place.
Another aspect of this place that will leave you in love is the color of the sea water – super blue and transparent! To avoid the busy place, try to get there very early. Just like Ponta da Piedade, you will have to face a staircase to the beach. But, I promise that the reward for the effort will not disappoint you ?

Carvalho Beach

Photo: @ _andre.diaz

Located very close to Praia da Marinha, Praia do Carvalho is another must do in the Algarve. You can take a single day to visit these two places, for example. In the case of this beach, you will have to go through a very narrow tunnel dug by man to reach the beach.
A lot of people think that access is a little complicated, but sometimes it’s good to venture out, right? The beach is very small and is not usually very crowded, almost a rarity in the region!

Algar de Benagil

Photo: @mvandersluis

For me, Algar de Benagil is one of the most beautiful places in the Algarve. Benagil Beach and the cave, a little away from the beach, are simply stunning! The beach can be accessed easily, but you can only reach the cave in three ways. The first one, and one of the most sought after, is by boat. However, bathers cannot get off the boat when they reach the cave for safety reasons.
If you really want to enter the cave, you will have to go by kayak or SUP. These are the only ways that allow the complete experience on site. You can hire an agency, such as SeaBookings, or rent a kayak / SUP and go it alone. Ah, only go without a guide if you are sure you know how to practice the sport and can make the journey without the help of someone.
One of the best times to visit the cave is between 10 am and 1 pm, because the sun enters through an opening in the cave and illuminates the entire space. In addition to the place getting even more beautiful, you will be able to take amazing photos.

Dona Ana Beach

Photo: @laubedard

Despite being almost always super busy, Praia de Dona Ana is one of the most loved by those who have already visited the Algarve. For having a calm sea and wonderful blue tones, the place is a paradise for those who love spending time sunbathing on the sand and taking the opportunity to take a dip.
A factor that also attracts more tourists there is its structure. Unlike many beaches in the region, inside Praia de Dona you can rent an umbrella and also have the option of eating or drinking something in a restaurant that is on the left end of the beach. As in almost all places in the region, try to arrive early so as not to hit the beach very crowded – especially if you are traveling during the summer ?

Camilo Beach

Photo: @rauljichici

Praia do Camilo is divided into two parts. One of them, accessible via the stairway at the top of a cliff, is the half that is usually the busiest. However, if you go through a small tunnel into a huge rock, you will be able to reach a small beach, which is right next to the “main” half
Before heading down to the beach itself, enjoy the view from the top of the beach’s rock formations. Above them you will have a view of the coastline between Lagos and Albufeira. It’s a surreal setting and you can take beautiful pictures to keep as a souvenir ?

Três Irmãos Beach

Photo: @mariacarolinanm

If you are traveling with children, this is one of the best beach options. To get to it, you only need to walk a little along a small dirt road – if you are driving, just leave it in the parking lot. In addition, it has leisure options for the little ones and is a very quiet and familiar area. Ah, there you can also find some restaurant options, great to buy some snacks or sweets to give to the children!

Caught from Hell

Photo: @aurelianlt

Even staying in a well hidden place, Pego do Inferno is part of the itinerary of most tourists who go to the Algarve. The place is close to Tavira, a small village in the region. Access to the waterfall became difficult after a fire in 2012, as the path has not been restored by the government since.
To get to the Pego do Inferno parking lot you can use Google Maps or some other application that shows the way. However, after arriving at the parking lot you will have to pay close attention on the way, as there is no sign of how to reach the waterfall.
You will follow the dirt road and turn right at the first corner – it is a very fast route! If you get lost, just go back to the starting point and start the trail again, this time to make no mistake. Then, just enjoy the natural beauty of the place and cool off in the lagoon water.

Cabo de São Vicente

Photo: @ mauss312

Changing the landscape a little, Cabo de São Vicente is a good place to go during the sunset to see a wonderful sunset. The journey to it can be a little long depending on where you are staying, but it will be an unforgettable trip. The path along the charming coast and the view from the lighthouse is very beautiful. It is a tour worth taking, especially if you have a rental car.

Odeceixe-Mar Beach

Photo: @globetrotter_mass

As Ocedeixe-Mar Beach is outside the best known center of the Algarve, it is not as busy as Praia de Dona Ana, for example. The path to it is quite long, but the landscape along it is beautiful and the beach even more incredible. The difference of the beach is that it is bathed both by the sea and also by Ribeira de Ocedeixe. It is not an unmissable point, so only add it to your itinerary if you have plenty of time there.
Even those who don’t like the beach a lot have to admit that all these places are incredible, right? The Algarve is a wonderful destination for those who enjoy this type of environment and want to visit different beaches. If you are that kind of person, you can now add him to your Wishlist travel ?


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