10 reasons to buy new real estate!

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I like to convince that I am right, especially when I am able to justify my point! And concerning real estate investment, I really made the right choice: buy off-plan to acquire new real estate.

It was a few years ago already, and I have never regretted this purchase. On the contrary, I still appreciate it every day. Here are the 10 reasons to buy new real estate!

The comfort square meter

1 / We put our bags and we move in

When you buy an apartment in the old one, there is always an element of the previous owner that you want to change: wall color, choice of splashback, or simply the existing furniture. A disadvantage that we avoid when buying off-plan, because the real estate developer offers us during the realization of the work, to choose between several models of flooring, splashback and colors. There is also the possibility of choosing options: special paint, shower cabin rather than bathtub, home automation, thermostatic taps … In short, you are starting from a blank page and have all the time to install your most beautiful furniture and other elements. decoration!

2 / We benefit from the NF Habitat certification

Beyond the ecological aspects of good sound and thermal insulation, it is our daily life that is more pleasant to live. Not hearing the neighbor, being able to listen to music at any time of the day, keeping an apartment cool in a heatwave, and conversely keeping the heat between two winter nights, all of these additional reasons to buy a new home, which more respects the latest environmental standards and in particular the NF Habitat certification.

3 / We opt for a well-designed apartment

When I go to my friend Julie’s, who lives in a large Haussmann apartment, we don’t manage to have dinner without waking the children. Indeed, they like to sleep with the door ajar, and our trips from the living room to the kitchen keep them awake …

There was a time when the inhabitants had servants who prepared the meals, and they had to be the furthest away from the owners so as not to disturb them. This is why our old Parisian apartments are designed like this: a long corridor that takes the kitchen away from the living room. A configuration that is no longer in line with our contemporary way of life. Buying in new real estate means choosing a habitat perfectly designed to improve quality of life.

senior residence rental investment design clichy la garenne 92

Ilot Boisseau – Clichy-la-garenne (92)

The smart square meter

4 / We can receive a purchase aid

If you have not owned a primary home in the past two years, you are considered to be first-time buyers. This status facilitates home ownership, by allowing you to apply for a Zero Rate Loan (PTZ) which can finance up to 40% of your real estate purchase. A significant advantage, awarded according to your income, and the amount of which varies according to your geographical area.

5 / We take advantage of a tax exemption system

If you want to buy new real estate to rent out your property, you will benefit from an additional financial aspect: tax exemption. Indeed, the Pinel Device currently regulates this advantage and allows you to reduce your income tax. The calculation is made taking into account the living area, as well as the duration of the commitment of the lessor.

Be careful, however, if you are a real estate tycoon because this tax reduction applies to a maximum of 2 homes per year.

6 / We save tax from the signing at the notary!

When you buy real estate, you must pay notary fees. These notary fees are reduced for the purchase of off-plan housing, and represent 2 to 3% of the purchase price of the housing. A significant advantage compared to old housing, where the notary fees constitute 8% of the purchase price. You can also benefit from an exemption from property tax for 2 years, which is not the case when you buy in the old one.

modern duplex loft sofa vintage leather round coffee table brass bookcase cube wood box

Atrium City – Clichy (92)

The responsible square meter

7 / We save energy and costs

Buying in new real estate guarantees you the acquisition of a property that meets the latest environmental standards. The construction materials used are therefore more environmentally friendly, and also insulate your home much better. So every winter, your heating will not run at full capacity. The planet will appreciate!

8 / We are eco-friendly!

When we buy an old apartment, we often want to give it a new lease of life, in particular to personalize our space according to our desires. Yet the former owner himself refreshed the walls. It is therefore liters of paint that are used, and as many VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that will escape over the next 10 years. When you buy new, you can choose (often optional) the color of its walls. This avoids the use of paint twice.

Coeur Mongins (06) – Domaine Jardins en vue – Cogedim

The serene square meter

Feeling good at home goes of course through the security of your habitat but also by being confident in your home, its solidity, its durability. So I will have here three new reasons for buying new real estate.

9 / We feel safe

Who says new housing, says apartment and building designed to ensure the safety of its inhabitants. Beyond the access codes and intercom with video camera, other equipment ensures the safety of residents.

With us, the corridors of the common areas light up automatically when the elevator arrives upstairs. Motion detectors trigger the lighting on the stairs.

I am also thinking of electrical standards, fire extinguishers, fire doors, which effectively meet the most recent requirements.

10 / We are protected by the work damage guarantee

The tenth reason is simple and bears the same number: it is the ten-year guarantee! I have already told you about it and to summarize briefly, it is an insurance that protects us against the various defects that could affect your home during the 10 years following the completion of the work.

new real estate paris terrace loft apartment romainville vitra stool red elephant

Subsidiary argument: this terrace!

Cogedim – GREEN LANE – Romainville (93)

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