10 Recipes with White Chocolate To Make Now!

10 Recipes with White Chocolate To Make Now!

I start the post with a question for you: is white chocolate chocolate? While you are thinking about the answer, here are 10 wonderful recipe suggestions with the ingredient, which is one of the best friends of every good confectioner ?

Creamy pineapple cake with coconut

Creamy and refreshing is that combination that makes anyone’s mouth water! To complete, caramelized pineapple pieces full of flavor.
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pineapple cake

Milk Nest Popsicle

Childhood flavored popsicles to cheer even adult palates. The white chocolate cone makes everything even better.
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nest milk popsicle

Lemon Madeleine

With delicate appearance and intense flavor, lemon madeleines gain an extra charm when covered with a thin layer of white chocolate.
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Neapolitan mousse cake

Three floors of pure hotness: this is how I would define the Neapolitan mousse cake. It melts in your mouth and makes you feel high!
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Neapolitan mousse cake

Mousse pie 4 chocolates

Those who love chocolate don’t even have to think twice before preparing this ultra-creamy delight. There are four layers of different chocolate mousse, in addition to the chocolate biscuit base ?
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pie 4 chocolates

Raffaello pie

Bringing together the best of both worlds: coconut and white chocolate. Together, they form this wonderful raffaello pie – so good that it is difficult for anyone to defect.
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raffaello pie

Black pie

The much loved black biscuit can be served in a very different way, as an ingredient in a neat and super chocolaty pie.
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blackish pie

Passion fruit and white chocolate cheesecake

Sweets with just the right amount of sour are always welcome. So it is practically impossible to resist a piece of that passion fruit cheesecake with white chocolate.
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Cheesecake Of Passion

White chocolate mousse cake with ice cream

In addition to being beautiful, this white chocolate mousse cake with ice cream is simply delicious. I don’t even have to talk about how good the contrast of flavors is between strawberry ice cream and white chocolate mousse, right?
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white chocolate mousse cake

White chocolate pie

White chocolate can also yield a delicious tart, ideal to accompany ice cream. The most creative can even make a version of “petit gateau” ?
Complete recipe
white chocolate pie
What is your favorite recipe? With so many options, it’s even difficult to choose!

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