10 Ski Resorts In New Zealand

10 Ski Resorts In New Zealand

If you are looking for a special destination for skiing, how about betting on New Zealand? The country has become one of the most sought after by people who wish to practice snow sports, and all this success is not for nothing. In addition to the incredible landscapes that the region offers, the infrastructure of the places is great for this type of tourism.
As many people are lost about which destination to choose, I have listed the ten most popular places when it comes to snow activities. Then just make the comparisons and choose the location that best meets your expectations atende

Mt Cook

10 Ski Resorts In New Zealand

Photo: Jade Stephens

Starting with a very different tour: heli-hike! AN Aoraki / Mount Cook it is the highest mountain in New Zealand, very imposing and with snow on its top all year round. However, the place does not have a ski slope. What can be done there is an incredible helicopter ride and then a hike up the mountain.
Paulo and I had planned for this activity, but unfortunately we were unable to do it. We only had one day in the region and the weather conditions were not ideal for helicopter flight. For this reason, I recommend that you spend two or three days there to make sure you can make the tour. Anyway, it is worth taking a risk, as this is an unforgettable tour. Oh, and if you want a company suggestion to do this activity, check out the Mt Cook Guides website!

Coronet Peak

10 Ski Resorts In New Zealand

Photo: @kahlimcleod

One of New Zealand’s oldest ski resorts: Coronet Peak! The location is between Queenstown and Wanaka, so the good location makes it one of the most sought after by tourists.
As the site has an automated snowmaking system, it is open for a longer period of time, which is usually from June to October. His tracks are good for practitioners of all levels, from beginners to professional people.


10 Ski Resorts In New Zealand

Photo: @ ben_s50

The ski area at Whakapapa is in Mount Ruapehu, which is a mountainous part more ideal to practice the sport. The space reserved for those who are starting to ski is called Happy Valley. Taking into account the assessments, this is a good place to learn to practice the sport.
Other more difficult slopes are also popular with people who are already used to skiing. If you are a beginner, this part of the park is interesting to see other people having fun and maneuvering on the track. Oh, and the place also works from June to October ?


10 Ski Resorts In New Zealand

Photo: @jackspencenz

Also close to Wanaka is Cardrona, another mountain that accommodates all types of skiers. One of the unmissable tours is to ride a cable car, with cabins for eight people each. This region has several restaurants and cafes, as well as perfect accommodations for those who want to spend more than a day there. In the summer, Cardrona is open for mountain bike and walking. So, you have guaranteed fun at any time of the year.


10 Ski Resorts In New Zealand

Photo: Stores Kulesh

Turoa is also in Mount Ruapehu, so it can be a good alternative for those who want to know two ski slopes without having to travel a lot. As much as you’ve never skied before, the Turoa slopes for beginners are great.
Park professionals are always available to teach tourists to ski – don’t be afraid or ashamed to learn. Even the kids can have fun and play a lot with the snow. Oh, and do you want some good news? Children and young people under 16 pay a lower price!


10 Ski Resorts In New Zealand

Photo: @zo_meow

Considered by many to be one of the most charming regions when it comes to skiing, Remarkables has become a favorite place for many people. She is just over half an hour from Queenstown and it also has an adequate infrastructure for all levels.
Most of the tracks are reserved for intermediate level practitioners, but nothing that makes it difficult for those who are beginners or professionals. They are usually open from June to October, so you can take advantage of our July vacation to get to know the place ?

Mt Hutt

10 Ski Resorts In New Zealand

Photo: @qualityantics

Located in the Canterbury region, Mt Hutt is the perfect attraction for anyone passing through Christchurch. It is an hour and a half from the city and has been considered twice as one of the best places to ski in New Zealand.
The only problem with this place is that the wind is usually very strong, but that is not a hindrance to skiing. Another differential of Mt Hutt is that it is not so frequented by tourists, but very well known by the locals. Like most New Zealand ski slopes, it is also open from June to October.

Treble Cone

10 Ski Resorts In New Zealand

Photo: @whitedotskis

One of the largest ski areas in New Zealand, in the south of the country, is the Treble Cone. What most attracts tourists to the place, with the exception of the wonderful scenery and varied ski slopes, is that there are not very freezing winds there.
Despite being an incredible place, it is not ideal for those who are going to learn to ski or have no practice yet. Only 10% of the tracks are reserved for beginners! If you are already more familiar with the sport, you will not find many problems in practicing it.


10 Ski Resorts In New Zealand

Photo: @littlegreybox_matt

Snowfarm is close to Cardrona and it is another incredible option for those who are in this region. They have 55 km of track, from beginners to others for more advanced levels. In addition to skiing, you can have a lot of fun in the snow and even make snowmen in some spaces. If you plan to travel with a child, this is one of the best places. Oh, and unlike the other parks, this one runs from June to September ?

Ohau Snow Fields

10 Ski Resorts In New Zealand

Photo: @katiemnz

Last but not least, Ohau Snowfields. The park is in Mount sutton and the tracks are up to 1825 meters in altitude. This park is also more suitable for intermediate or advanced level personnel, but even the beginners also have a reserved space.
Compared to the other parks, this one has a relatively cheaper price and is a little less crowded. It runs from June to October and operates from 9 am to 4 pm. Oh, and their restaurant is also highly praised!
As you may have noticed, everywhere turns out to be very similar. What sets them apart, in addition to the distribution of clues for each level, are the locations. Finally, be sure to comment on other suggestions as incredible as these ❤

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