10 super stylish rooms

10 super stylish rooms

The bedroom is one of my favorite environments to decorate. In addition to spending a lot of time there, it is the corner that most can have our face! This room represents the phases that we went through. Whenever a change happens, we want to change the decoration of this very special environment.
I selected 10 amazing rooms for you to be inspired by the next makeover!

Neutral female


Foto – Pinterest

This room is super neutral and what I like most is this white painting on the wood. The environment is super clean and yet very charming – mainly due to the photos and pictures in the background and the bedspread in that blue tone!



Photo – The House My Grandma Wanted

No boring! This room is simple and mixes shades of beige and white. The light from the window brings that more natural and very simple air. Even so, the open macaw leaves the environment super stripped and modern.



Photos about Casa Vogue

Anyone who has such a window has to take advantage of all the light possible! The most amazing thing about this room is the super cool elegance in the furniture. The bed on the floor, the paintings against the wall. It seems that the decoration was not even thought of and makes everything even more comfortable!

Chic easy


Photo – Architecture & Construction

Bricks and wood! There is no better composition than that. The room mixes modernity with a vintage touch! Bet on accessories to give your face in the environment: bedspreads, pillows, pictures and posters.



Picture – Decoholic

A “pedestal” for bed, patterned bedspread and triangular mirrors: is there anything more boho than that?



Photos about Casa Vogue

Bed on the floor, fluffy pillows and a mix of curtains with flashing lights is the face of a super cool and young room. This type of decoration really takes you to the corner that has your face, very cozy.



Photos about Casa Vogue

Concrete makes everything more modern and urban. The mixture of the gray of the wall with the graphics on the carpet makes everything even more impactful. I loved the paintings, the pendants and the blue furniture!



Photo – Casa Abril

This is a great decoration for those who do not want to change the structure of the room too much. The walls are white and the wooden floor is very traditional. The cool thing here is the black headboard / panel, the very modern rug, the pictures and the choice of colors of the bedspread and hooks for hanging bags!



Photo – Oppa Blog

The room is very striking thanks to the choice of colors: black, white and gold. The wall and the pendants are the highlights. The other furniture is super basic (white and wood). The bedspread also helps to create this very cool environment.



Picture – Arkpad

The dark floor had everything to bring a darker touch to the environment. The pallet as a bed support helps to break the dark tone of the floor. In addition, the very eye-catching bedspread makes everything much more fun!
Do you already have your favorite?

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