10 tips for a perfect brownie

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10 tips for a perfect brownie
Every good recipe has a few simple secrets, but they make a difference. Brownie is no different, see? The dessert was created from a little mistake, however, nowadays the recipe has already been greatly improved and some tricks and tips make that brownie wet and with the crunchy cone even more delicious ?
It may not seem like it, but the recipe is delicate and needs some basic care. I have separated some tips that are sure to help you prepare the tastiest brownie in the world:

  • It is always best to use ingredients at room temperaturetherefore, take the butter and eggs out of the refrigerator about 30 minutes before you start to prepare.
  • Use good quality dark or semi-bitter chocolate. Prefer versions with 50% or more cocoa, because the recipe already takes enough sugar.
  • Melt chocolate in double boiler (learn to do it here). The ingredient is superdelicate so don’t be too lazy to melt it carefully.
  • Incorporate the flour gently just until the mixture is homogeneous and never hit the mixer. The brownie dough cannot get heavy and beating too much will make the end result worse.
  • For further enhance the taste of chocolate you can use a pinch of salt or a little coffee. These two ingredients, if used in small quantities, do not change the flavor of the recipe and only enhance the chocolate.
  • The oven time greatly influences and that is why there is little care. It is worthwhile to use a timer and take a look at a few minutes before giving the time suggested in the recipe, because your oven is not always set perfectly.
  • If possible, use a thermometer to check the actual temperature of your oven. As I said in the previous tip, your stove may be out of order.
  • Crockery influences in the final result. Using a metal form, your brownies will be ready faster than if you use a glass model. For this reason it is always good to keep an eye on the oven and not miss your recipe.
  • Grease and use parchment paper will make it much easier to disinform.
  • Cut the squares after the brownie cools so that it doesn’t break completely. Remember that the dough is very wet and we don’t want to miss it at the finish ?

Now how about putting all these tips into practice in a delicious recipe? Here at ICKFD we have several very nice versions:
10 tips for a perfect brownie
10 tips for a perfect brownie
10 tips for a perfect brownie
10 tips for a perfect brownie
10 tips for a perfect brownie

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