10 tips for a successful Pool Party!

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Pool Party Around The Corner volume 2! It will be, I assure you, the best hit of the summer, especially if you follow our 10 tips for a successful pool party!

The adventure of the perfect pool party started a few weeks ago when once again I was a bit lazy to work and I focused on the exciting mission: to create a Pinterest board called Plouf! which would bring together the best of the pool party! We therefore discussed the essential elements for the success of this type of event. Particularly pleasant brainstorming. And to continue this moment I wanted to share with you our 10 tips for a successful Pool Party. It will also be an opportunity for me to weigh the pros and cons between a Sebastien buoy from the Little Mermaid and the Golden Pink Flamingo from Sunnylife. Maybe then, thanks to you, I will be able to choose my companion for the summer.

What is a pool party?

Pool party means party around / in a swimming pool. But the pool party is accompanied by the cliché of American series: bikinis, plastic cups, beer pong (a kind of ping pong ball throwing competition in cups) and for a few years, the inevitable giant buoy. The pool party is therefore a bit of a pool party. And to make this pool party a success, I present the 10 essentials.

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The original beach towel

The pool party is also a trendy evening. So there is no question of coming with your old white towel. You need an original beach towel. There are therefore two choices available to you:

  • The round beach towel, trendy, we choose it ideally decorated with tropical patterns. I have already written you an article on the subject so I will save you the duplication!
  • The original beach towel that will get everyone talking. And for that I have some proposals.

The first concerns Disney! The magical world of Mickey Mouse has also looked at the swimming pool this year and invites the family of Ariel the Little Mermaid to spend the summer with us. The original beach towel therefore easily takes the form of a mermaid tail!

pool party towel tail mermaid adult ariel disney

Mermaid tail towel.

The second comes from the Vosges: Jacquard Français. Their colorful beach towels and sheets will perfectly dress your deckchair or terrace. During the pool party, they will mark out the “sunbathing” location. Also the Amazon collection offers a bag to match your towel: elegance and distinction with your feet in the water!

Also, be aware that Le Jacquard Français manufactures its products in France. We therefore approve 100% for the pool party evening.

The giant buoys of the Pool Party

Obviously, for a successful pool party, giant buoys are the essential accessory: to have fun during your swim or optimize your tan while floating. But above all, they will be the main players in your decor. A goal in my life, these are the Sunnylife buoys !! But the Disney Sebastien buoy from the Little Mermaid called everything into question. A big Disney fan that I am, I can only subscribe to their “Oh My Disney” collection.

There is also the inflatable duffel mattress, what memories… But indeed if you are looking for a magnificent buoy in the shape of a flamingo or peacock, don’t look, Sunnylife has what you need!

See more buoys.

And to avoid being out of breath before you even start having fun, the small Sunnylife electric air pump will do the job for you, this one designed for the car, during your beach afternoons. And for the home an electric air pump (Amazon) to inflate all your mattresses, buoys, boats or swimming pools!

Inflatable and DIY games to have fun throughout the pool party

For a great atmosphere, you have to animate your pool party, and of course organize games. And that’s why we love the games that also blend into the decor of the pool party. They then have a dual use: to play and to decorate, such as the flamingo ring set.

But we are always in the harbor of games, which is why I found the idea of ​​inventing water games with what surrounds us quite original. Empty bottle, plastic cup and beach balcony should spark your imagination. Small list of games that can inspire you during the afternoon-evening-all-at-the-end-of-the-night pool party:

  • A bowling alley! Use plastic bottles to avoid breaking them and spilling glass near a place where you often walk barefoot.

Flamingo ring set.

  • A throwing game created from a sponge as imagined by Everyday Dishes. For this, you will need 4 sponges to create a ball. You will cut them into 4 strips lengthwise. You then have 16 long sponge strips that you put together in the middle like a bouquet with a rubber band. Then with string, you tie again in the center of the sponges to create a very round ball. The ball thus formed will make a superb DIY sponge water bomb. Or you can test your agility using Frisbees as targets.

A speaker that doesn’t fear the splash of the pool party

What would a pool party be without music? It is as if I am talking about a swimming pool without a buoy … But obviously the speakers near the water, it is the assured drama. You too will quickly adhere to waterproof speakers. Ideal for leisurely strolling by the pool with Spotify’s top 10! The speaker that I really fell in love with is the Ultimate Ears ROLL 2 (Amazon), resistant to water but also to shocks!
But the Australian Sunnylife is no slouch on the subject. Indeed their colored speakers, always waterproof, open to protect your smartphone. With their retro style, it nicely complements the decoration of your pool party.

Even better: the luminous enclosure which floats in the middle of the swimming pool!

Duck // Turtle floating enclosure.

Sorbets to cool off at the pool party

Ah the sorbets! With strawberry, lemon, chocolate, vanilla… What could be better than a refreshing and delicious dessert to keep the party going? Multiple devices ideal for creating easy recipes are available on Amazon. And to keep your “summer body”, opt for the Frutimix ice cream maker (Amazon), which creates 100% natural fruit-based recipes.
For the greediest (like me!), The frozen yoghurt machine (Amazon), offers many combinations to make delicious desserts, ice creams, sorbets and frozen yogurts at home, and not only with fruit ?!

make eskimo sorbet diy blog deco clem around the corner

A corner of shade for a pool party without redness!

A little shade wouldn’t hurt, and for that the parasol is our best friend. It still prevents us from the sacred sunburn that we remember for a week! Sober, composed of a base with crank, so as not to complicate life, I liked the simplicity and the aesthetics of the deported parasol!
If the theme of your pool party night is more vintage, you will no doubt appreciate the Catalina umbrella. It will bring cheerfulness to your terrace. Apart from being a barrier against UV, it is not always efficient enough to keep freshness. You will understand then why I totally adhere to the original mini fan. They have such a “tropicool” style that we can only melt into. In the shape of ice cream, flamingo, full of little gadgets with tropical and fun accents, will give you a little air and style.

Customizable cups

Sipping your cocktail or a little juice is always an obstacle course when you are lying down or splashing around in the water. To avoid small disasters, I find the straw cups to be perfect. You are then sure not to spill any drops of your drink. I totally adhere to the Watermelon cups, because on the one hand they are so beautiful, with a tutti frutti atmosphere, and on top of that they allow you to avoid confusing everyone’s glasses, with their wide range of crazy cups.

The freshest ice cream!

1 – Light garland // 2 – doormat // 3 – Cushion

4 – Travel mug 5 – Pouf // 6 – Goblet // 7 – Candle.

A barbecue for your pool party

For a snack between water games, which will delight young and old, carnivores and vegans, nothing better than a barbecue. Have a good time with family and friends over a good lunch. And for that, you need good equipment. So, for a World Cup pool party, we have found THE barbecue you need:

Then, for the more lazy, or those who do not know how to start a fire in a few minutes, the electric barbecue comes to your rescue! It will cook your sausages, merguez, and vegetables to perfection.

Soccer ball barbecue // Electric barbecue on stand.

Wooden games for fun around the pool party

We get out of the water a little, and we take advantage of a moment to play with family or friends. Although racket games are still very much in fashion, we like to vary things.

Watermelon beach racket cheap pool party evening pool

Watermelon rackets.

This is why I suggest you play Finnish bowling: the Molkki, easy to make by following the steps of my DIY tutorial and customizable, this outdoor game is ideal in the summer season. The DIY throwing game will also delight young and old! And for lovers of “thinking big”: the giant mikado, an easy DIY, which will only require a few strokes of paint.

Fancy sunglasses from the pool party!

And yes !! For a funny atmosphere, and a fabulous look by the pool, what better than fancy glasses! For this we can play on the outline with glasses in the shape of pink flamingos, ice creams and toucans. There is something for every taste !

original toucan pool party sun flamingo pineapple sunglasses

Blue glasses (Amazon) // Asos Flamant rose // Ice cream

Pineapple (available on Amazon) // Heart.

Toucan // Vintage // Pearls (Amazon)

CDiscount Marguerite // Cocktail (Amazon).

Finally, there are also glasses that I love, made from seashells, these are sunglasses from the Friendly Frenchy brand. In addition to being original, they respect the environment. How about a beautiful pair of glasses, plus this one 100% made in France and eco-responsible?

If you like to have fun and splash around in the water then all you have to do is organize a pool party. His 10 tips, will give you some keys for a pool party that will only be successful and fun. So the last objective is to plan a date, where we invite all the family and friends, and we prepare this memorable pool party!

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