10 ways to use easel in decoration

10 ways to use easel in decoration

We always have a darling piece in home decor. Easels have everything to become the most loved, because besides being beautiful, they look good in all environments.
Do you think it doesn’t match the style of your decor? I doubt it! Look at 10 super different ways to use the piece:

Functional office


Photo – Home Edition

A clean and minimalist office is much more enhanced with the table resting on the easels! The look is clean, because the furniture is all in the same shade of white. In addition, easels work as “drawers” ​​- they hold magazines, papers, books and even decorative items.

Color point


Photo – Remodelist

Is your house all modern? How about betting on a table with colorful feet! Even better if they are easels. The piece is bold and has an incredible design!



Photo – My closet in ruins

The classic PB becomes modern thanks to other furniture and objects. There is nothing better than having a clean table in the office, but that calls attention in a subtle way. To create an even more modern environment, do not put books and objects on easels, leave the design simple.



Picture – Domino

An iron easel, painted in gold and with a glass plate is super modern. A more fashionista home and a bold decor combine with the piece! It is sophisticated, but it weighs nothing in the environment.

Creative shelves


Picture – Design Sponge

I was in love with this idea !! In addition to being amazing in decoration, the piece is super useful! Instead of buying several shelves, calling on cabinetmakers and people to assemble, just buy 2 big easels that serve as shelves and support for the office table!

Nothing classic dressing table


Photo – Glamor Brasil

Even the classic dressing table gets an unusual version with the easel. It looks super cool and makes the furniture more modern – usually dressing tables are too romantic.

Dining room


Photo – Desire to inspire

The wooden dining table was very cool with the easel. The structure is thicker and draws a lot of attention, but this is not a problem because in this environment the highlight is, in fact, the table.



Photo – We Decorate

Even in the bathroom the easel is useful! It can play the role of a closet, for example. The bathroom was much more rustic and sophisticated, don’t you think?

Support desk


Picture – Vick’s house

The sideboards are also great. I loved the more Provencal touch of this decoration, with lots of wood and plants. The easel was the perfect complement to the decoration of the environment.



Photos about Casa Vogue

The balcony always asks for more rustic pieces and, why not cool? The very thick wood and the table, even a little irregular, makes the environment much cooler, without much perfection.
Didn’t I say that easels matched any decor?

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