10 Weeks Body Change “Difficult for noodle lovers!”

10 Weeks Body Change "Difficult for noodle lovers!"

The ex- “Biggest Loser” trainer Silke Kayadelen has the program “10 Weeks Body Change” from Detlef D! Soost under the microscope.

New round, new fitness check: Silke Kayadelen from “The Biggest Loser” takes a close look at various weight loss programs exclusively at Marians Welt. This week: “10 Weeks Body Change” (“10WBC” for short) by Detlef D! Soost.

The ex-“Popstars” jury celebrated great success with his program. As he revealed to Marians Welt in an exclusive interview, almost 200,000 people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have already participated and a total of 2,000 tons slimmed down.

But how promising is the “10 Weeks Body Change” really? Silke reveals it in the video above!

Click here for the special with all of Silke’s diet checks!

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