12 dresses on sale in the best e-commerces

12 dresses on sale in the best e-commerces

What about our dear and beloved promotions? Even better if you can buy that dress of your favorite brand without leaving home!
Fashion e-commerces are great alternatives to buy designer clothes and famous brands. It takes a lot less work and you find incredible prices in the sale part. Taking a look, I separated my favorite models in 4 e-commerces: Farfetch, Gallerist, OQVestir and Shop2gether.


At Farfetch I found great prices on the sale side! Evening dresses and even party dresses for less than 300 reais! All models of great quality, well-known brands and incredible modeling. I was enchanted by those I separated and fell in love even more when I saw the price!

  1. Channel | R $ 134.50
  2. Cecília Prado | R $ 289.50
  3. Erika Ikezili | R $ 200.00


The straighter and sleeveless models are the best cost benefit! Who would have thought of buying Pat Pat’s for less than R $ 300.00? These findings are worth suuuper!

  1. Karin Feller R $ 159.50
  2. Pat Pat R $ 288.00
  3. Lucas Magalhães | R $ 249.50

OQDress up

OQVestir has it all! Casual and printed dresses for everyday life, swirled, marked waist, with or without sleeves … There is a huge variety and you will surely find your favorite! The best part is that they have many options for less than R $ 200.00 !!

  1. Farm | R $ 179.00
  2. Kika Simonsen | R $ 259.00
  3. Market 33 | R $ 189.00


I fell in love with the clarinhos! Boho, lady like or sexy leather… No matter what your style, they have AMAZING colors and shapes! The price is more salty, but I’m sure the sale will win!

  1. Rapsodia | R $ 233.40
  2. The attraction R $ 199.20
  3. VI and CO | R $ 206.40

Have you decided on your favorite?

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