12 factors for a confectioner’s growth

12 factors for a confectioner's growth

12 factors for a confectioner's growth
After a day full of work, those that we look back on and satisfaction makes up for all the tiredness, I found myself reflecting on some points. Some factors that contribute to the professional and human growth of the confectioner. I made a list and reached those 12. Some of them are perfectly applicable to any profession.
Love: If you can’t stand the boring precision of degrees Celsius, grams and mls, run away from the confectionery. It is necessary to love what you do “as if there is no tomorrow”. Much of the reward for work is based on this. Doing a job exclusively for money can end up making you live less or with less quality. When leaving where you work, check if it makes you happy for the rest and leisure that await you and not the fact of being “free” from the work routine. Expression lines will come in life; let them be smiling, not frowning.

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Cleanliness: In the practical area of ​​gastronomy, we must not forget that, first of all, our work is food. Before our desserts are pieces of art, before they are objects of desire and any other things that may come to be considered, they are eaten. Cleanliness is the cleaning and sanitization of ingredients, stock, tools, work area and the manipulator. It is an act of responsibility to always work under favorable conditions. Even for those who do not know, cleanliness allows products to have a longer useful life, since the action of microorganisms is less. This factor also reduces the possibility of DTA (foodborne illness).
Attitude: Take initiatives to follow your dreams in the face of difficulties. Look for solutions to problems and take active action to solve them. Regretting is an emotional reaction, you don’t have to pretend not to be shaken by something, but that can’t stop you from moving forward! You will get a lot more help and partners by showing willingness and competence.
Charity: Adding purpose is a very valid proposal. I suggest, even if it is in a minimal way, to do an attitude at regular intervals to help someone. A community, an NGO etc. We live in a world with a lot of ambition and few hugs.
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Dialogue: Allow yourself to listen, seek feedback from your actions. Question, propose, be accessible. Through dialogue, errors are corrected or even avoided. Make the dialogue between the confectionery and other areas! Hence new markets may arise for you. Desserts without gluten and lactose or for other dietary restrictions, desserts to accompany coffees (hence selling to coffee shops), desserts for those who are athletes, vegan desserts …
Study: Studying always enriches. Reading gives us the basis to go further and reduces that of “trial x error”. Studying goes beyond reading books and taking technical and higher courses in confectionery. Study another language, study culture, history. Once, in high school, I asked myself, “Amino acids? What do I want to know that about in my life? ” Life took me to gastronomy and I needed this information. Take time to read, discipline yourself.
Organization: Many confectionery jobs have several stages. Everything is more practical, being organized. Less resources are used such as space and time. Waste is reduced and credibility is added. Organization without forgetting simplicity; there is no point in being bureaucratic to the point of hindering work processes. Organization will go hand in hand with all factors.
Patience: “You are in a hurry, not the food,” said one of my gastronomy teachers. Some processes happen slowly: fermentation, rest of dough, among others in confectionery and bakery. There is no point in wanting to take “the shortcut”. In the pastry business, in the midst of plans, goals and obligations, we can end up very anxious. “Calm down, cocada!” Be practical, wait for the timing of things and get busy with something productive instead of giving up your time in a hurry or despair.
12 factors for a confectioner's growth

Planning: Where do you want to get? What needs to be done? These and other questions always come up (like, who, when), this is the time to plan on a point-by-point paper, set goals and apply them to practical life. Desire, goodwill and courage need the help of planning to make things happen. It is that of “giving a little help to luck”.
Respect: Primary value for humans! Respect others, the environment, yourself. Act with common sense and education. Rethink the practice of using disposables (such as pastry bags), rethink water consumption. Reduce the practice of consuming fats and sugars. Decrease the use of artificial additives (such as dyes). Respect your limits, you have to have time to stop too. Reflect on your attitudes and what they result.
To be thankful: Practice gratitude. This goes beyond saying “thank you”. Help people, shake hands looking in the eyes, answer “good morning to you too!”. Be the best you for whoever comes into your life. Gratitude, in addition to opening doors, keeps them open for you.
12 factors for a confectioner's growthCupcakes Bouquet
Having dreams of all sizes: Dream small, dream medium and dream big. Live the small things in life, allow yourself easy challenges and over time you will achieve the most difficult ones. Value a table set at home, a weekend dinner and a graduation celebration, based on your personality and what you want for life.

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