12 International Destinations to See in 2019

12 International Destinations to See in 2019

After suggesting some national destinations for you to visit throughout this year, it is time to talk about other countries. I understand that a lot of people end up not being able to travel to distant or too expensive places, so I made a very varied selection. Among the 12 places on the list, I tried to choose destinations that can please different types of taste and personality ?


12 International Destinations to See in 2019
Israel is still not a destination so widely spoken by Brazilians. After all, people associate the place a lot with religion. Indeed, most tourist spots involve sacred places. However, you don’t have to follow that religion to be interested in local history and the importance of that space for the population.
With that in mind, let go of your thoughts and explore without fear. I promise you will be surprised! Be sure to go to Tel Aviv, which is a super modern city and full of more hip places, you know?


12 International Destinations to See in 2019

Photo: Liam Burnett-Blue

One of the countries I most dream of visiting! We have not yet managed to schedule a trip to Japan, but I cannot wait for it to happen. Visiting a place with such different customs always means that we will return with learning and knowledge.
For those who do not remember, Japan will host the 2020 Olympics. As a result, the country is taking extra care in local infrastructure. Larger cities like Tokyo are mandatory in the itinerary, but be sure to visit points more connected to nature. If you have any other doubts about the trip, take a look at this post.


12 International Destinations to See in 2019
Amsterdam is that kind of place that makes you fall in love at first sight! The city is charming and everything about it is charming. From the canals to the houses with cute roofs. Everything is wonderful!
I recommend that you visit the country in the spring, when the tulips and parks are even more beautiful. Place the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum in the script. They are very classic tours, but they are really worth it.


12 International Destinations to See in 2019
Classic destination for Brazilians who want to travel to Europe! Many people are distressed about traveling to a country with a different language. For this reason, they end up opting for a place where the language barrier is not a problem. Of course, some words and expressions are different, but nothing that prevents communication.
We went on a road trip through the country and even passed through the city of Paulo’s family, close to Vila Real. For those who have family members and Portuguese ancestors, the trip ends up becoming even more exciting. The Douro region, for example, was one of the most incredible to visit, mainly because we learned a little more about the history of traditional conventual sweets.


12 International Destinations to See in 2019
Rome is the dream destination of many people out there. And all this success is not for nothing. The city is charming and perfect for those who love places full of history. Every walk you feel like you’re in an open air museum! The local architecture is beautiful and I believe that I don’t need to comment much on the food, right?
One of the biggest advantages of traveling around the city is that the sights are close to each other. Therefore, most of the tours can be done on foot. If you are interested in knowing what the script we did, just click here.


12 International Destinations to See in 2019
Those who are more adventurous and have a good amount of money do not even have to think twice before going to Iceland. This is an expensive trip and the weather is almost always very cold, but this is a trip that makes all the effort worthwhile.
Some days can be frustrating if there is too much snow, but the landscapes are surreal. Want another reason to get to know the country? There you can see the Aurora Borealis! This phenomenon of nature is one of the most beautiful in the world and is something that not everyone has a chance to witness. So, take the opportunity to take this tour if you have the chance ?


12 International Destinations to See in 2019

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Another destination that is in my Wishlist! The Philippines is simply heavenly. If you love beaches and boat trips, for example, try to save as much money as you can to go to this wonderful place.
Being in Southeast Asia, plane tickets end up being a little expensive. However, the cost of things there is not absurd and you can explore several places with little. Just plan a lot and do a lot of research!


12 International Destinations to See in 2019
Thanks to the 2018 World Cup, Russia has become a popular destination for Brazilian tourists. Paulo and I had the opportunity to get to know various corners of the country, exploring little-known places and with very different cultures. If you don’t have a lot of time and want to choose just one destination, go to Moscow!
The city is amazing and the restaurants are just wonderful. In addition, you have the chance to see a live ballet show at Bolshoi. Oh, and like Rome, Moscow is a region full of history and historic buildings. If you have time during your trip, try to stop in St. Petersburg ?

New Zealand

12 International Destinations to See in 2019
For people who love a good road trip, New Zealand can be the ideal place. It is very peaceful to travel by car or motorhome across the country, mainly because you find several campsites along the road.
Another advantage of renting a vehicle is that you can do all the tours within your time, without having to run too much with schedules. Anyway, cities like Auckland are also great for those who want to stay in just one place, staying in a hotel and taking the tours during the day.

good air

12 International Destinations to See in 2019
Close to Brazil and not so expensive, Buenos Aires is the perfect place for Brazilians who want to make an incredible trip and save money. The city’s architecture and local cuisine is sure to make anyone sigh, I swear! Even vegetarians and vegans can find delicious options without looking too hard.
For those who like art galleries, thrift stores and street art, the city is paradise. It’s the perfect blend of modern and traditional, you know? I believe that almost everyone who visits the place comes back full of surprises and good experiences.


12 International Destinations to See in 2019
Like Iceland, Norway is great for those who enjoy milder climates and cities with an inland face. Another similarity (not so positive) is that traveling there is very expensive. However, it is also possible to see the Northern Lights in some parts of the country.
The local parks and trails are a great attraction for those who like to hike and discover different landscapes that we are used to. Paulo and I visited not only Oslo but also Røros. To take a look at our itinerary, click here.

Kuna Yala

12 International Destinations to See in 2019
I left to talk about Kuna Yala last because this is the perfect destination to go to at the end of the year. Paulo and I have already spent two new years there and it is always an incredible experience. I confess that the way to the islands is long and some local people end up being thick, but all the stress is worth it. If you prefer to avoid being nervous, try to reach one of the islands by plane.
For those who don’t know anything about the place and are interested in knowing more about it, I recommend you take a look at the posts we made. We tell our experience on the islands and beaches, in addition to explaining some curiosities about the kunas, which have a culture completely different from ours.
After seeing so many beautiful places, I imagine that it is very difficult to choose which trips are really possible, right? Be sure to comment here what place you most want to visit ?

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