170 recipes in 170 days

170 recipes in 170 days

When she saw the film Julie & Julia, Thaís Carvalho identified herself with the protagonist of the story, but she never thought that something similar would happen in her life. Julie Powell from the film was inspired by the iconic Julia Child. It was then that, at a decisive moment, he set out to execute all 524 recipes from the book “Mastering The Art of French Cooking” in 365 days. Although the film was emotional, Thaís, who studied gastronomy and invented fashion in the kitchen since she was a child, found no book capable of awakening in her such a strong desire to keep her among fouets and cake molds. It was then that Dani Noce released her first book, in November last year. (If you haven’t seen it, take a look here!)
170 recipes in 170 days
“Por Uma Vida Mais Doce” brings together 170 most loved recipes by Dani. Many of them left the videos and went to the paper version, as in the case of Pavê de Sonho de Valsa or even the unsurpassed Naked Cake of Red Fruits. The book was incredible, but you should know if you have been with the ICKFD for some time. It is no wonder that as soon as he got his hands on the sugary pages, Thaís decided: preparing each of the recipes (from the easiest to the most “hard core”, according to Dani) would be his challenge. Not only that, she set a goal to run one recipe a day for 170 days.
As Thaís works as a photographer, she joined hunger with the desire to eat (hehe) and has documented her adventures on the Thaís & Dani website and also on Instagram. In fact, it was there that we found her! The photos call attention for the dedication to food styling and represent her affection for the work of Dani Noce. For now, our Brazilian Julie Powell has already made 18 recipes out of 170. Do you have any favorites? For sure! It is divided between Palmier and Pastel de Belém, both made with the dreaded puff pastry. Finally, choose the first and reveal your affection for the dough process, which ended up being very tasty to make; D
Take a look at some of the delicacies that Thaís has done so far:
Aunt Jo’s Carrot Cake
Waltz Dream Pave
Panna Cotta with Almond Liqueur – click here to check other panna cotta recipes; D
And dear Palmier:

Well, but as every adventure has its most challenging side, let’s say, this one also gives a little chill in the belly when talking about more complicated recipes. I asked Thaís if she is afraid to prepare one. “I’m afraid of macaron, Pavlova, and the lavender and lemon Cronut, due to the oven temperature. I’m afraid to spend all that time making the dough and go wrong, but I think it will be a cool challenge, just like it was with the puff pastry, which ended up being my favorite ”, he reveals.
Although the work is rigorous and there is still a long way to go, Thaís has already felt the results come up. “Before, if a recipe went wrong, I was extremely frustrated and gave up soon, and now I try again and again, until I get it right, or at least find out where the error went and try to fix it. I got very attached to what Dani said that confectionery is training, and this project has been very hard training ”.
Yes, Thaís. It takes persistence, but we bet you will be able to complete the goal. Congratulations on your achievements so far and good luck with what is to come. In fact, does the project come to an end before the release of Dani’s next book? ; D

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