2 Christmas looks for every budget

2 Christmas looks for every budget

There is still a little bit left for Christmas, but how about guaranteeing your look? Several e-commerces are already available with black friday offers and you can put together a complete and beautiful look!
I put together 2 very feminine looks to celebrate the date and that escape the obvious. I’m sure that all the pieces will be used sooooo much in your day to day.

Up to R $ 1,000.00


The complete look is almost R $ 800.00. Do not panic! They are basic, neutral pieces that will serve for different occasions and, therefore, the investment is very worthwhile.
The dress is very fun, with the star print that is super high and super Christmas. In this look, I opted for a black strip sandal, super basic and, to top it off, a very modern clutch. The earrings are classic and the black on the nails helps to compose a look more at night.

  1. Le Lis Blanc at Farfetch | R $ 349.75
  2. ACB clutch at Gallerist | R $ 341.00
  3. Black Sepia da Risqué | Price varies between R $ 3.00 and R $ 4.00
  4. Dafiti Accessories | R $ 19.90.
  5. Shutz at Farfetch | R $ 300

Up to R $ 500.00

This look is even more modern. The total of the pieces leaves for less than R $ 500.00 and are very impactful. The straight dress, in this composition, was the best choice because it does not bring much information (it is a true classic since the 60s).
To get that sixties look out of the look, I chose very striking accessories like the sandal and the bracelet. In order not to weigh, I opted for a basic clutch, but with a beautiful clasp. On the nails, a closed wine gives a bolder touch!

  1. Dara da Risqué | Price varies between R $ 3.00 and R $ 4.00
  2. Lucas Magalhães at Gallerist | R $ 249.50
  3. Dafiti Accessories | R $ 46.90
  4. Zatz at Dafiti | R $ 73.99
  5. Dafiti Accessories | R $ 99.90

Don’t forget to hurry up to buy before the black friday passes, huh?

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