2018 flu wave not cured properly? That’s how dangerous the consequences are

2018 flu wave not cured properly?  That's how dangerous the consequences are

The flu wave continues to rage in many regions of Germany. And the number of sick people is just not falling. However, many of those affected do not cure the influenza properly, as a recent study shows. But that can have serious consequences …

No matter where you are currently looking, someone is always coughing or sniffing. The flu virus continues to keep Germany in suspense, the number of infected people is increasing daily. According to the Robert Koch Institute, the influenza has already cost the lives of more than 350 people, and a state of emergency has been declared in medical practices and hospitals. For the sick, the influenza usually means several days of bed rest. However, a current survey by “pronova BKK” shows that this is not always observed.

Flu sufferers go to work sick

According to this, many people affected by the flu do not cure themselves completely. According to the study, women and part-time workers in particular feel compelled to return to work as quickly as possible and therefore drag themselves to the office or company even if they are mildly ill. However, most employees are unaware that this behavior can have serious consequences.


358 dead
The flu wave continues and “exceeds everything that has existed before”

The flu has had a firm grip on Germany for weeks. And there is still no end in sight – on the contrary: the virus is worse than any previous flu epidemic, even infects medical professionals and confronts hospitals with major logistical problems due to overcrowding.

Warning signals from the body such as aching limbs, coughing, runny nose or stomach problems are ignored. Around 57 percent of German employees still torture themselves to work with back pain, and every second person sees no reason to stay at home in coughs and runny nose. Even 16 percent do not get sick leave despite having a flu with fever or bronchitis, as the study shows.

Employees have a bad conscience

The reason: Many employees have a bad conscience when they stay at home. Around 62 percent feel bad about having to give their boss a sick note, while women feel guilty as much as 72 percent. Many women or part-time employees fear that they will be looked at more closely when they are sick. Many sick people usually stay at home only a few days, if at all, until the worst symptoms have subsided.

Germany is currently ruled by a strong flu epidemic.

Flu epidemic
Heart attack, damage to the brain: the consequences of influenza can be so bad!

Germany is currently being hit by a strong flu wave. Doctors not only criticize the recommended flu vaccine, but also warn of the possible dire consequences of persistent influenza.

Above all, sick people need rest

But that this can have fatal consequences, explains Dr. Gerd Herold, consulting physician at “pronova BKK”: “If the body is fighting viruses or bacteria with a fever, it needs rest, otherwise the illness will only last longer. Suppressing a mild fever with medication is not advisable. If employees come to work despite a fever, it makes it easier for the flu to spread. Colleagues can get infected through droplets when coughing, but also through door handles, telephone receivers and banisters. Half the department can expect the first symptoms after just two days. “

Therefore, sick people should not torment themselves with feelings of guilt if they are absent from work. Because whoever is sick is sick, like Dr. Herold clarifies: “A full recovery takes time. Returning too early does not help the colleagues either and makes a relapse more likely. “

Therefore, people with the flu should listen to their body’s warning signals and only return to work when they feel fully recovered.

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