24 Hour Diet The ultimate flat stomach nutrition plan

24 Hour Diet The ultimate flat stomach nutrition plan

Oops, summer is almost here – just not the summer tummy yet? This will quickly flatten your stomach!

You have a date, want to wear a tight dress or go to the pool in a bikini? If only it weren’t for that bloated belly … That’s how it works very quickly with a flat stomach! In general: liquids are easier to digest and quickly give you a flat stomach. A day of smoothies, soups and juices can help a lot. Fatty, spicy, very sweet and very high fiber food, on the other hand, puffs up. The result: the stomach looks thicker.

Flat stomach in 24 hours

For example, if you want to get a flat stomach fast, your meal plan should look like this. Breakfast: Sugar-free oatmeal with soy milk. You can sweeten it with a little honey and a few berries. A boiled egg is also suitable for breakfast. Snack: A piece of low-sugar fruit such as tangerines or vegetables such as carrot or celery sticks. Lunch: an avocado and an egg. Tip: Even tofu with sulfur salt tastes like an egg and doesn’t puff.

Second snack: sugar-free soy yogurt or low-fat yogurt with cinnamon or a cucumber or tomato salad. In the evening: low-fat fish with steamed vegetables, a vegetable soup or baked vegetables, seasoned with a little olive oil and herbs. Hello, flat stomach!

This helps against the “big” bloated stomach

In general, you should steam vegetables so they don’t puff. Cabbage is very puffy, and so does raw vegetable salad. Hot tea like fennel, caraway seeds, aniseed and peppermint or a glass of hot water also helps with a bloated stomach, as do bitter foods like gentian or angelica root.

Tip: A glass of still water before eating will fill you up. Eat slowly, otherwise there is a risk of flatulence. And exercise generally helps on the way to a flat stomach, because it gets your digestion going.

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