3 Confectionery Series You Need to Start Watching Now!
3 confectionery series you need to start watching now

3 Confectionery Series You Need to Start Watching Now!

I don’t know about you, but we are addicted to watching series. Spending some time watching that program that we like is great for resting and enjoying our free time for a while.
The reality shows cooking, for example, are always a success. In addition to being fun, it is interesting to see the people cooking. Oh, and having a good laugh at the result of some dishes is also part of the package! For you too to have fun and learn, we made a small selection of amazing confectionery series ?

Chef’s Table Pastry

Photo: Eater

THE Chef’s Table it is a Serie responsible for presenting a little of the history of big names in current gastronomy. As this type of program is not so common, it is interesting to have a space to get to know part of these people’s lives and also the techniques they use inside the kitchen.
Although all seasons are good, the one that interests us most is the fourth, especially dedicated to the confectionery. The chefs chosen to participate were Christina Tosi, Corrado Assenza, Jordi Roca and Will Goldfarb. As each one prepares the sweets, we discover their relationship with the confectionery and their career path until they reach where they are. In general, they are very inspiring and relevant “mini documentaries”!

Sugar Rush

Photo: Tampa Bay Times

Those who prefer programs with faster and more fun dynamics will love the Sugar Rush. As suggested by the name of the reality, confectioners are placed in a race against time – and against other participants. The pairs should finish preparing the desserts as quickly as possible, while still creating beautiful delights.
Each team has, in the first stage of the program, three hours to prepare two sweets. If they finish before the deadline, this time is added to the three hours of the final dessert. That last candy must be the best cake in their lives!

Nailed It

Photo: @nailedit

The success of You got it is not for nothing. After all, we have all gone through the kitchen while trying to reproduce some recipe. It is these difficulties that make the formula for this reality so special. Aspiring confectioners try to reproduce fancy desserts, with various details and complex layers.
What drives participants to this gastronomic madness? A $ 10,000 prize! The episodes are very funny, especially when we see the disaster of all desserts. Oh, and each episode is very short, and can be watched quickly during lunch hours or on public transport.
Who has watched one of these programs? Tell us what you think of them ?

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