3 Edward Norton movies to watch now!

3 Edward Norton movies to watch now!

Today, the American actor turns 46!
Edward Norton started his film career in 1996 as a supporting actor in the film The People Against Larry Flynt and, in the same year, he was nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actor for the film The Two Faces of a Crime.
Norton was nominated two more times: best actor for the film The Other American History (1998) and best supporting actor for his role in bird Man (2014).
Nothing better than watching 3 of his films to celebrate the date, right?

The Two Faces of a Crime – Primal Fear (1996)


The film tells the story of a barbaric crime: the murder of an Archbishop of Chicago with 78 stabs. Edward Norton plays the young Aaron Stampler who is arrested shortly after being found near the crime scene. The story gains notoriety and the lawyer Martin Vail (Richard Gere) decides to defend the boy.
Throughout the plot, several other stories about the characters appear. The film is amazing, as is Norton’s performance and very worth watching!

The Other American History – American History X (1998)


This film is a major milestone in the actor’s career. Racism and xenophobia are themes present in the narrative. Derek, a character played by Norton, is part of an American neo-Nazi group. The film is strong and addresses another side of American society – as the film’s name says.
The story of Derek and his brother Dan (Edward Furlong) shocks those who watch, but it has become a true classic. The film is on Empire magazine’s list of the best films in the world and I can say that it is not for nothing!

Fight Club – Fight Club (1999)


Another great classic of the 90s is the Fight Club. The film stars Norton and Brad Pitt who open a club for amateur fighters. Edward lives an ordinary middle class man who is unhappy with his job and life in general. Giving up what he had built so far, he joins Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) and opens the violent club that doesn’t have many rules.
The dialogues and phrases of the film have become a reference for many viewers. There’s no way not to see!
So, have you decided which one to watch?

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