3 Hair Accessories That Make the Look

3 Hair Accessories That Make the Look

After the post about texturizing products, I need to confess that I was in the mood to vary my hairstyle even more on a daily basis. But if you, like me, don’t have a lot of skill, patience or time to do very elaborate hairstyles, I think it’s also worth investing in some accessories that make an impact, but are easy to use.
Of course, I’m not talking about simple hair bands and elastic bands, after all, everyone should already have this at home. I’m talking about pieces that work as adornments and I’m going to prove to you that as basic as these accessories look, they yield dozens of incredible hairstyles.


The most minimalist metal clips are excellent options for everyday use. A ponytail, a high bun or even a half-tied hairstyle is much more charming with this simple detail ?

3 Hair Accessories That Make the Look

Photos: Elle and Tessa Rayanne

At parties, it is worth betting on well decorated cleats. Didn’t you have time to go to the salon? How about testing the first hairstyle? Just use a little ointment to fix the threads back and finish off with the clip. On more formal occasions, the accessory also complements other types of hairstyles, such as the classic, half-tied one.


As much as you find a handkerchief an “outdated” accessory, it yields numerous differentiated productions. In addition to being able to be used on the neck and on the purse strap, it can be the ideal adornment to finish that old bun! The thinner models are the best in this case, so, how about playing in different prints and colors to vary the look?

3 Hair Accessories That Make the Look

Photos: @chrisellelim and Damsel in Dior

Ribbons are the most sophisticated versions of this adornment. A simple satin or velvet model completes a party look very well and adds that romantic touch to the production ?


Last but not least, we have the decorated staples. Unlike the simple models that only serve to fix the threads, the models with pearls, stones and differentiated designs are super-charming!


3 Hair Accessories That Make the Look
1- AMARO – R $ 29.90
2- Pri Schiavinato – R $ 69.00
3- Capodarte at Dafiti – R $ 54.99
4- Turpin and David – R $ 29.00
5- The Beauty Box – R $ 24.90
6- The Beauty Box – R $ 27.90
7- AMARO – R $ 49.90
8- AMARO – R $ 19.90
9- Pri Schiavinato – R $ 29.00
10- AMARO – R $ 19.90

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