3 hairstyle tutorials for this Saturday night
3 hairstyle tutorials for this saturday night

3 hairstyle tutorials for this Saturday night

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m in a phase of trying out new hairstyles. Nothing better than taking advantage of Saturday night to try a slightly more sophisticated look, right?
I separated 3 very simple tutorials for 3 occasions! How about trying?

Party / Bar


Photo – The Beauty Apartment

On this type of occasion, there is not much secret. Waves and messy hair are always great options. In addition to dry shampoo, textured, babyliss and various products, how about trying to make some curls with the board? I’m sure you’ll love it!
If you still don’t have a lot of skill, I already mentioned here on the blog several options for curling your hair.

Super girlie


Photo – Sincerely Kinsey

Are you going to have a more romantic dinner, a family party or just want to try this look? Braiding is always a great solution! To get out of the basics, but not to risk a super elaborate hairstyle, this double braid is ideal!

Who has very straight hair, needs to pass at least a texturizer to get more volume on the top of the head. If you want to make it even more voluminous, shred a little of the strands at the top and then comb it very lightly with a fine comb to finish.



Picture – Fashionsy

Whoever has a wedding, graduation or a more formal event can bet on this super modern bun! Who has straight hair needs to texture a little. Since you have curls, it is better to make a brush (especially at the root).

The rest is very simple! Anyone who looks at the photo at the beginning thinks it will be a lot of work, but just pay attention to the fold of hair that looks amazing!

Time to get out of sameness and bet on new hairstyles, right?

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