3 Head Accessories to Bet on This Winter

3 Head Accessories to Bet on This Winter

Winter has started and it’s time to throw yourself at the warm accessories that change any monotonous look. It is not new that, in this season, people usually use more sober and neutral colors – mainly in Brazil that is not as cold as in other parts of the world and we do not need several coats.
To vary the look of every day, the tip is to bet on scarves, scarves, sunglasses and, of course, head accessories. I confess that I love a good beanie with pompom on the end, but it can go beyond the classic model ? That’s why I decided to talk about 3 pieces that can warm you up and make a difference in the look!


I couldn’t start with another piece, right? In addition to being the warmest, it is timeless! No matter what your style, you will always find a model that suits you. In addition to the neutral beanies and without many textures, there are the ones with thicker knits, braided, with pompom on the end, colored, with little ears… It really is a world of possibilities!
Aah, the sportiest and most colorful models are also great to make the look more cool, okay?


Instead of wearing the classic earmuffs, why not invest in the bands? The pieces are less obvious, but still full of charm. If you usually wear your hair up even on the coldest days, there is no better model to protect you and make you look stylish.


A few years ago, I would certainly finish the list with felt hats, but it does not help: here in Brazil it is still very difficult to find cool and not so bold models. The most “discreet” alternative that comes with everything since last winter is the beret. Yes, that classic French “little hat” is a charm and makes production instantly more cool ?
I confess that I still have difficulty using it, but I will still test options this winter, after all, they have models of all types: felt, suede, leather, wool, cashmere… One of them should work, right?


So, do you already know what kind of accessory has more to do with you? I made a selection with 10 pieces of the most varied styles and, of course, prices to help you!
3 Head Accessories to Bet on This Winter
1- Renner Hair Band – R $ 29.90
2- Alberta Ferretti “Week” Beanie at Farfetch – R $ 495.00
3- Turpin Black Wool Military Beret at Dafiti – R $ 62.00
4- Renner’s Classic Beret – R $ 49.90
5- AMARO’s Braided Knitting Hat – R $ 59.90
6- AMARO Basic Knitting Female Hat – R $ 59.90
7- Green Beanie by Approve – R $ 69.99
8- Gray Beanie with Pompom by Quintess at Posthaus – R $ 44.99
9- French Elephant Beret – R $ 69.00

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