3 lasagna recipes and how to make fresh pasta

3 lasagna recipes and how to make fresh pasta

The fight for the nationality of lasagna is historical: Italians, English and even Greeks fight for the recognition of the creation of this dish that so many people love. Anyway, we Brazilians know how to eat this dish very well. Whether for a galley dinner or to celebrate special dates, lasagna always goes very well.
We made a list with 3 wonderful lasagna recipes, in different flavors and ways of doing. And you have the option for those who want to use the ready-made pasta from the supermarket or if you want to risk making fresh pasta at home. Enjoy!

The classic, ground beef!

Like all gastronomy classics, there are many versions of lasagna. We know that here the one that is most successful is Ground beef, no? And this is in a special version with ricotta cream. More than that, the assembly is quite unusual and will surely surprise everyone who tries it!
Complete recipe here.
lasagna recipe

Lasagna with 4 cheeses

For those who love cheese a lot, four cheese lasagna could not be missing from that list. In addition to being super easy to make, it caters to vegetarians who eat cheese and is super creamy. In addition, learn how to make one of the most loved sauces in French cuisine: bechamel sauce!
Complete recipe here.
4 cheese lasagna

Lasagna with fresh homemade pasta

Want step by step to delicious traditional lasagna? THE lasagna made with fresh pasta it’s definitely for you! No fear, okay? The homemade pasta uses only 2 ingredients: flour and egg. For the filling, this is also a vegetarian version!
Complete recipe here.

If you also love liking pasta …

And of course, chances are you’re also a fan of spaghetti, no? They are also super easy options to make and we have prepared a list with 7 wonderful versions to make at home.
Complete recipes here.
3 lasagna recipes and how to make fresh pasta
Did you also make your mouth water? So enjoy and make one of these recipes right away ?

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