3 male blogs you need to know now!
3 male blogs you need to know now

3 male blogs you need to know now!

When we talk about men’s fashion, we have 3 Brazilians who cannot be left out! Bloggers Kadu Dantas, João Freire and Leo Azevedo are the biggest names of male blogs in the country and a reference in the world! They take the monotony out of male looks and make the whole look look much more cool and elegant!
How about knowing a little more about their universe?

Kadu Dantas

Kadu is a reference when it comes to men’s fashion. The mix of styles is what draws the most attention in their looks. Always modern and reinventing the classics, the press officer seeks inspiration in international fashion shows – in addition to always covering them for the website – the street style. Today, he has the largest blog dedicated to the subject in the country.
Your look is more modern! Always present prints take the seriousness of the simplest suits seriously. The colorful socks are another strong point of her looks – as well as her wonderful glasses and various accessories. The high-low style, which mixes more expensive items with cheaper ones, is one of his favorites. So you already know, when you need inspiration to create a very bold look just stop by his blog!
Another very cool thing about Kadu is that he always brings the news of the market – national and international – to his readers. It’s past time to meet, right?

João Freire

Graduated in international relations, João is the typical citizen of the world. He travels everywhere and, of course, always oozing style. In addition to the blog, he continues to provide fashion consultancy for some brands – Sak’s Fifth Avenue is one of them!
João has a very classic visual style. Trench coats, shoes and dress pants are some of the pieces that you will always see in your looks! Very elegant and fine pieces, colors often more closed or clear. Looks are great options for you – or any friend / boyfriend – to get inspired to go to work, dinner or any other program you want to go well dressed! The look is very cool.
In addition to the “Look do Dia”, João brings several tips for restaurants and unmissable tours around the world! So if you are thinking of traveling, just stop by his blog to check out his tips!

Wardrobe Closet

The blog is amazing! Leo Azevedo has a cool, young and fun look. Jeans, printed T-shirts and sneakers are key pieces in his wardrobe. By using more “basic” items and combining them in different ways, Leo can be a great influence when it comes to putting together a look while spending little. Because they are not extremely sophisticated pieces, it is super easy to find similar models in department stores or on the street.
Leo is very stripped down and makes it evident in his looks. It is the most fun look of the three and with a very young feel. Leo also gives tips on how to care for your hair and everything that surrounds your world. He always has very inspiring photos of his looks and his travels!
Aaah, Leo does vlogs too! It’s really cool to follow the videos and tips he gives, a great inspiration!
Now you can already know who to take inspiration from when dressing, right boys?

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