3 music apps

3 music apps

Who loves music and loves meeting new artists needs to know some amazing apps! Lists, personalized selections and radios are there for that and are great options to supply your repertoire with news and classics.
I selected 3 great apps for you to download and enjoy a lot!



Photo – The Gambiarra

He is known with the musical Tinder. Just look at the screen and you can already see the similarity! The app is perfect for discovering artists, bands and music in the styles you like best. As soon as you download the app, you already add your favorite genres and, thus, Choosic starts to suggest new songs that you can enjoy or not.
When you swipe to the right or click on the heart, the song automatically goes to your playlist. If you don’t like it, just click on the x or swipe to the left for the app to suggest more options!

TuneIn Radio


This app is great because you can listen to any radio in the world! So, in addition to knowing what’s going on around the world, you can get to know local artists that you didn’t even know about.
The pro costs $ 9.99, but the normal is free!



Picture – Bedelho

This is already our old acquaintance! The app is amazing, because in addition to creating your lists, you can also listen to the ready lists or those of friends / acquaintances.
The bad part is the advertisements, but you can still buy the premium package and listen without interruption.
How about downloading and updating your music repertoire?

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