3 must-see tours in Miami

3 must-see tours in Miami

Besides enjoying the delicious beach of Miami beach, there are some others tours to enjoy and do in Miami. The warm climate makes any attraction to the city even better and you will be amazed by so many amazing locations over there.
We have already mentioned places to eat, shops to visit and the time has come to discover the city from an even more vantage point. curious. I’ve listed 3 tours you can not lose when in Miami.

Art Deco District

Miami ToursThe first indication I have for you is to know the Art Deco District, which besides having a visual incredible, has a story very interesting. And it all starts in 1925 with the emergence of “Art Deco”, An artistic movement that was strengthened in the United States during the Great Depression. In 1929, the country was going through a major financial crisis, and Americans saw architecture as a way to help lift the nation’s spirits.
That’s when they started building buildings with a very specific style and that are known today for their striking features. These particularities are based on the elementary geometry, that is, nthe use of cubes, spheres and straight lines.
Miami ToursIs at Miami, south of South Beach, there is a District fully composed of these buildings. There I noticed that they use many tropical colors in pastel colors and something that I was delighted with was the use of signs illuminated, which yielded several wonderful pictures! Despite being beautiful to see, many claim that in Art Deco the decorative issue is stronger than the function itself.
To get to know the most important buildings there, I recommend that you start the tour through streets 6 and 7 at the southern end of Ocean Drive. And if you are interested in finding out more about these buildings, you can rent one audio guide or make a guided tour that lasts about 90 minutes. And the most shocking of all is the conservation of this architecture, which even after almost 100 years, everything is in perfect state.

Lummus Park

Miami ToursBetween Ocean Drive and the beach is Lummus Park. This public park is on the waterfront between 5th and 15th streets of Miami Beach. It is surreal to beauty Natural Lummus and the contagious joy of the staff there.
The park was very close to my hotel and I ended up considering it as a great tour option for every day. In addition, I decided to rent a bike and she became mine lifemate during the entire trip. Getting around Miami beach of bike it was one experience different and I highly recommend it! It’s fun and you know the city from another point of view ?
Miami Tours
In addition to being a wonderful place to ride a bike, at Lummus Park you can do Exercises, walk, play sports or simply rest in the shade of one of the coconut palms.


Miami Tours
This neighborhood also has a story very interesting and is known to have been transformed by graphite. Wynwood it was going through a very difficult phase, the structure was decaying and had been abandoned by the government.
This cultural transformation happened due to a visionary who decided to bet on the idea of ​​seeing the district walls as giant paintings fabrics. Nowadays, this area is one of the more visited Miami and is considered one of the bigger installations street art of the world. A great turn on the top, isn’t it?
The graffiti It is like galleries are spread throughout the region and the dozens of works leave the neighborhood more colorful. There are more than 50 artists from 16 countries that collaborate for this great set of urban arts. Even from this great selection of artists, two are Brazilians and you may have heard of graffiti from Snake and the duo “The Twins”.
Miami ToursTHE tourist spot most famous in the district is the Wynwood Walls, a free and closed park where the main murals. The best time to visit the place it is in the late afternoon, when the sun is not so strong and it is still clear.
Wynwood is in the region of Midtown, which is 10 minutes away from Downtown and about 20 minutes away Miami beach. In addition to visiting the famous walls, you can stroll through the neighborhood and eat at one of the several restaurants in the region, like Dr. Smood and Salty Donuts.
Comment here which of these tours would you like to meet by Miami. And to learn more about my trip there, you can check out my lights no Instagram which are highlighted in my profile as “Miami”.

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