3 road trips to do in the United States

3 road trips to do in the United States

It is nothing new for anyone that Paulo and I love a road trip. In addition to not depending on travel agencies and being able to change the itinerary at any time, there are charming roads around the world that deserve our attention.

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In the United States it is no different and there are some classic routes for fantastic road trips. In addition to the beautiful roads, you will be delighted with the towns of the stop. I made a selection with the coolest itineraries in the country and you can now start planning your next trip ?

Crossing the country on Route 66


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There was no way to open the post any other way, after all, Route 66 is the road that cuts through the United States and connects the east coast to the west – more precisely Chicago, Illinois, with Los Angeles, California. Despite being “replaced” by more modern and safer roads, “The Mother Road”, as it became known, has never lost its charm.
The more 3,800 km cross no less than 8 states and it is clear that some points are mandatory stops, such as the city of Santa Fe, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. Ah, try to plan to go in the summer or spring and set aside at least 15 days to make this trip worthwhile, see? I would try to stay longer and end the trip with a few days off in California.

California by Pacific Coast Highway


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California has good surprises and one of them is definitely the Pacific Coast Highway (or Highway 1), a road that borders the Pacific and is full of stunning scenery. The tip is to start the road trip along the west coast in San Francisco towards San Diego.
At the beginning of the trip you can take a small detour and discover a road of only 27 km that connects Monterrey to Carmel: the 17 Mile Drive. In addition to the super charming towns, the route is breathtaking!
The Big Sur region is one of the most incredible on the entire road – you’ll want to stop every 5 minutes to take pictures, seriously. The cities of Santa Bárbara and Santa Mônica are also amazing ?

Down the east


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Much less common than the west coast trip, the east tour is a great option for those who want to see some of the largest cities in the United States. Unlike the other two road trips, which have the road as their main attraction, this trip is for those who enjoy visiting many incredible places at once.
The most common route starts in New York and passes through Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and ends in Florida. The itinerary is adaptable, but don’t forget the city of Savannah, Georgia – it is super charming, well wooded and a great stopping point ?
It is clear that some roads attract a lot of attention on this route, as is the case of Blue Ridge Parkway that links the “Shenandoah National Park ”in Virginia with the“ Great Smoky Mountains National Park ”in North Carolina. The landscape becomes even more beautiful in the month of October, when the leaves on the trees turn yellow and start to fall.
Do you also love to get in the car and see the world? Have any of these road trips already entered your dream list?

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