3 series to update before the new season in 2016
3 series to update before the new season in 2016

3 series to update before the new season in 2016

It has several series on hiatus and nothing better than using the free time of the holidays to bring the episodes and seasons up to date! I selected 3 series that will return in 2016 and that you need to update now!

War of Thrones


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The sixth season is set to return in 2016 and has nothing better than updating with the last few seasons. Those who haven’t seen a chapter yet have no idea what they’re missing. The series is really violent, but it’s worth it for the super well thought out plot.
HBO’s production, created by David Benioff and DB Weiss, is based on the book series The Chronicles of ice and Fire, by George RR Martin. The story takes place in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. The seasons last for many years (super intense summers for decades and overwhelming conversions). The main focus of the plot is the dispute for the Iron Throne of Westeros by noble families. How about using vacation time to catch up on the 5 seasons?



Photo – Legion of Heroes

A series, created by Drew Goddard, is another original Netflix production based on Marvel comics (Jessica Jones is also amazing)! The story is that of lawyer Matthew Murdock (Charlie Cox), who, after being blind in his teens and having other senses much sharper, spends every night protecting the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, his neighborhood in New York.



Photo – Feathered Grace

The series was a success here in Brazil – and it’s not just because ex-rebel Alfonso Herrera is in the cast. Directed, written and produced by Andy Wachowsi, J. Michel Straczynki and Lana Wachowsi, the story is super engaging and interconnects eight characters through Angelica. The protagonists come to feel and seize each other’s knowledge, language and skills. Jout Jout has a video explaining a little more about the series, look here.

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