3 steps to know how to invest your money

3 steps to know how to invest your money

If you have followed our trajectory building the house on the farm, you know that this is an old dream of mine and Paulo. And it took a lot of planning and investment to start fulfilling this desire.
We know very well that it is not easy to have the discipline to save money, especially when we really want something as quickly as possible. But, we cannot give up on our goals and have a lot of patience to reach that goal. It may take as long as it takes, but the feeling we have after a dream is definitely one of the best.
So, for those who also want to fulfill a wish and need a little help to understand the finances, we gathered 3 tips to start investing money and make that amount pay off!

Map your spend

Tips for investing
To organize your financial life, the first step is to find out with what do you spend. At that time it is very important to be sincere, because only then will you really discover where your money is going.
A super important tip is to use a spreadsheet to organize this data. But Dani, what if I don’t know how to deal with Excel? There’s no problem! You will always have the option to make the hand.
To simplify your life, Easynvest made some spreadsheet templates ready to be downloaded for free and filled in with your data. I’m sure that with this organization everything will become clearer. Just don’t forget to keep the file updated, combined?

Start saving

Tips for investing
Once you’ve figured out where your money is going, it’s time to see where you could be saving. To start investing, for example, you need to add a little money first. And there are always those expenses that you keep asking yourself at the end of the month: Why did I spend money on it?
Take advantage of the spreadsheet you have already filled out and find those expenses that could be reduced. Sometimes those coffees and snacks, which don’t seem to have a big impact on our budget, make all the difference.
Another important step is understand your goal and reflect on why you want to invest in it. When we are determined and eager to make it happen, saving is easier!
In our case, one of the main objectives has always been to have our own farm. However, within this there are several stages and goals, such as: buy the land, start construction, build the house and, now, start agroforestry.
This is all part of a long process, after all, we started to dedicate time and money to this dream 5 years ago. Investing is more than making your money grow, it is also making your dream come true.

Get your hands dirty

Investing Tips
For many, talking about money and investments is a nightmare. However, there is a lot of information available on the Internet that facilitates this whole process. If you don’t even know how to start investing, it’s worth looking for a investment broker.
This type of company will assist you in all processes and answer your questions related to the subject. THE Easynvest, for example, is one of these brokers and is a super partner. Those who follow the channel already know that we have been working with them for a while!
Finally, to get your hands dirty, open an account with the investment broker that you prefer and fill out the complete form. Again, you have to be very sincere at all stages. When your registration is approved, you will need to do an analysis on your investor profile (conservative, moderate or bold).
Discovering this information, it’s finally time to invest! Just decide how much you want to start. And it’s important to remember that it doesn’t have to be an absurd amount, okay? At Easynvest, with 30 reais you can start making this money pay ?
I hope you have been inspired and willing to not only increase your money, but also make one of your dreams come true! Then tell us here what wishes you want to get off the paper ❤️

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