3 tips for small washrooms!

3 tips for small washrooms!

Anyone who knows me knows about my passion for toilets and bathrooms (I even have a folder on Pinterest). The decoration of these environments has always enchanted me and, however small the space, there are several ways to bring personality to this room.

Photo – Casinha Colorida

Whenever we have a small space we need to use more creativity and have good ideas so as not to leave the whole environment cluttered, right? Of course, a few simple tips can help you make a small bathroom more interesting and spacious ?

Neutral Tones


Photos – Lola Home, Decor Salteando and Bathroom Design Zella

I’m not necessarily talking about always having a light washbasin, but the more neutral tones and without many prints do help to make the room wider. I really like dark bathrooms and even black and gray work well.
To bring personality, use and abuse the mix of textures on the walls, floors, countertops … Despite being a “monochromatic” environment, this mixture makes everything more interesting.

Less is more


Bathroom Remodelideas e In Town Arquitetura photos

Minimalist furniture works great in washrooms. Enjoy that this is an environment that doesn’t need so many objects and invest in a more straight and clean bench ?
More than that, nothing to fill the counter with flowers, soap, towels, creams … Use the drawers and niches to keep what is necessary and leave only a few decorative objects showing up.

Mirrors + indirect lighting


Photos – The Ultra Linx, Lemon in Water and Architectural Digest Mexico

It is not new that lighting completely changes our perception of the environment. Installing leds behind the mirror, for example, the entire focus of the décor goes to the piece – which is great, as the mirror always helps to enlarge the space. In addition, the effect is wonderful especially in darker washrooms ?
Do you also have this obsession for some room in the house?

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