3 ways to clip your bangs

3 ways to clip your bangs

Do you know when your bangs are in the middle, neither short nor long enough, or at that stage that you are waiting for it to grow? It’s very annoying to have those wires in your eyes, right? But calm down, don’t despair! There are several beautiful hairstyles to help you in this phase!
As there are several options, I separated my favorites to show you!



Photo 1 – Munny / Photo 2 – Women’s hairstyles / Photo 3 – Hair and makeup by Steph

Braids are solutions to all our problems! I find braided hairstyles the most charming and feminine, I’m a fan. To attach the fringe you can make it inlaid on the side (photo 1), loosen it further back (photo 2) or even a backward one (photo 3) – but the latter is more complicated.

Are you afraid of the wires coming loose? Just apply a little fixer after finishing the hairstyle and adjust the strands that came out!



Photo 1 – The Diary / Photo 2 – Total Beauty / Photo 3 – Glamor

None of that draped hairstyle pulled back. The best way to look elegant is to add a little volume when attaching. If the bangs are shorter you can do the hairstyle very short, close to your forehead (photo 1) or side (photo 3). If your bangs are longer, how about getting more hair and holding it back?



Photo 1 – Hair color ideas / Photo 2 – Elle US / Photo 3 – Celebrity style

Clips, clamps with applications or very simple clamps! The accessories help to give even more charm to this hairstyle, no matter the occasion. It’s always good to have two clips in your bag in an emergency – nobody deserves to take that rain and keep their bangs all crooked and wavy, right?

So, did you like the hairstyles?

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