3 ways to decorate with pillows

3 ways to decorate with pillows

If there is an object that gives life to the home, it is the pillow. Cozy, fun, printed or plain … It doesn’t matter! The pillows reflect a lot of our taste and help us to create environments that are our face. But that doubt always arises: how to combine them? I have separated 3 tips for you!
Same background

Photo 1 – Deco House / Photo 2 – Amanda Merlin / Photo 3 – Mobly

This is certainly the easiest way to combine. The prints can be different, but if the background is the same (in this case white) everything becomes more harmonious. I selected 3 black and white pillows by coincidence, because I love the combination! But if you want to mix colors feel free if the background is the same!
The same palette

Photo 1 – Mount House / Photo 2 – Oppa / Photo 3 – Mobius Design e Interiores

The prints may vary as well as the materials. If the chosen palette is the same, trust that everything will be beautiful! I love to mix crochet (first photo) with smoother fabrics, I think it enriches the composition! The yellow prints always make the environment more cheerful and fun, and together with the gray – which we normally consider a more serious color – they draw even more attention!
Tone on tone

Photo 1 and 3 – Mobly / Photo 2 – Collector 55

Choose a colorful pillow and then just use and abuse all possible combinations! Do not stick to the pattern of the print. The one I chose, for example, is geometric, but the others can be plain or patterned – as long as the predominant color is a variation of one of the colors present in your “reference” pillow.
Ready to redesign your sofa without fear of making mistakes? I’m!

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